Vocal marriage correction
Professionalism comes over the years, but I want to sing well now. And now the vocalist (this is at best) is already at the microphone, the red recording lamp lights…

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Violin - a musical instrument
The history of music believes that the violin in its most perfect form arose in the 16th century. By that time, all bowed instruments operating throughout the Middle Ages were…

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About the history of the guitar
In the 18th century, guitar performance flourished. In Spain, great attention was paid to guitar. Many schools and teaching aids appeared, of which the Federico Moretti treatise was especially popular.…

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Kurt COBAIN: Last 30 Days

March 3, 1993 Thursday.

This day, Kurt Cobain stayed at the Exelsior Rome 5-star hotel, after the canceled Nirvana tour in Munich and Offenbach.
He stayed at the hotel with his wife Curtney Love and daughter Francis, who had specially traveled to Rome to meet Kurt. Unexpectedly, in the middle of the night, Cobain takes 50 tablets of raipnol, and in combination with champagne.
At 6:30 in the morning, Cobain is already in a coma, and an ambulance takes him to Umberto I hospital, where his stomach is washed; after 5 hours, ero is already being transported to a comfortable private American clinic. CNN mistakenly claims Kurt’s death; Gold Mountain group manager denies suicide and claims to be the result of a long party.

March 5, Saturday.

Late in the evening, Cobain woke up, swore obscenely at the doctor’s address and asked for yogurt. In the evening, with the consent of the administration of the hospital, he left him.

March 7th, Monday.

“NIRVANA” cancels the rest of the European tour, but the British tour has been rescheduled for the month of May, Cobain regains his health.

March 10, Thursday.

The Cobain family flies to Seattle.

March 16, Wednesday.

Cobain visits the drug store at Danny Way in Seattle and gets drugs. He states that since the birth of Francis, he has not consumed heroin, with the exception of an overdose of May 2, 93, at one of the parties.

March 18, Friday.

Kurt is locked in the bathroom in his house. Kurtney Love calls and confiscates the Taurs 38 caliber revolver, two semi-automatic handguns Beretta-380 and Taurus-38, a Colt-AR 15 semi-automatic shotgun and 25 cartridges.
A small bottle of tablets was found in the bathroom, which the police confiscated for examination. One of the revolvers was registered in the name of Dylan Carlson – a close friend of Kurt and guitarist of the Seattle group “Earth”.

March 19, Saturday.

Kurt’s friends persuade him to fly to Los Angeles and undergo treatment with Dr. Steve Chatava.

March 20, Sunday.

Kurt increases heroin use and Curtney Love calls Cobain’s close friends, drummer Dave Groll, bass player Chris Novoselin, Dylan Carlson and Danny Goldberg, former president of Gold Mountain, now president of Atlantic Records, to their home on 117 Washington Lake Boulevard ”
March 22, Tuesday.

Cobain appeared in Seattle Park “Viretta” – the infamous heroin trafficking site. Despite the warm day, he was dressed in a warm winter coat.

March 24th, Thursday.

Courtney Love threatens Kurt with a divorce.

March 25th, Friday.

Kortney Love takes off in L.A. to organize the promotion of his new album. On the phone, she asks Kurt to come to her, threatens him not only with a divorce, but also, if he does not give up drugs, by the fact that he will no longer see his daughter.

March 28, Monday.

Cobain flies to California and undergoes treatment at the Daniel Freanan Drug Center.

March 30, Wednesday.

He leaves the center and K. Love reports that he cannot find him. On the same day, in Seattle, Cobain contacts his friend Dylan and asks him to buy him a Shot gun, because the police instructed all gun shops Kurt Cobain not to sell weapons. Cobain explained to a friend that he needed a weapon in the house for self-defense.

April 1, Friday.

Cobain phoned his wife and the last conversation took place between them. Cobain: “No matter what happens. I want you to know that you really made a good album.”
C. Love: “Do you hint at a divorce or do you want to kill yourself?”
Cobain: “No. But remember, no matter what happens, I love you.”

April 2, Saturday.

An unknown acquaintance meets with Kurt and asks him to undergo treatment again. K. Love hires a private detective and asks to take control of their house. The neighbors decided to make a party for Kurt, but he did not appear in the house.

April 3, Sunday.
Some unknown friends took Cobain to Seattle Airport, but he escaped. He spent the night in his other home, in Carnation, 20 miles from Seattle, in the company of unknown friends. Sleeping bags were found in the house, which K, Love had not seen before, a large number of plates and an ashtray full of cigarette butts. Some belonged to Cobain, some did not. Traces of car wheels were also found on a plot of 11 acres.

April 4, Monday.

Kurt’s mother, Wendy O’Conor, reported that her son was missing.
Cobain hid from the detective. It was only known that he was buying heroin.

April 5th, Tuesday.

In K. Love’s number, the phone does not answer, because she, hoping that Kurt flew to L. A., is trying to find him in the city with friends.
Police say Kurt Cobain has safely returned to Lake Washigton’s home and is taking off control.
Meanwhile: Cobain accepts a mixture of heroin and Valium and red ink, writes a suicide note in his childhood handwriting. Then he dumps the earth out of the flower pot, makes a small mound in the form of graves, attaches a note, and commits suicide with a shot in the head.

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