The word "articulation" means "articulation", "connection". This is an oversimplified assessment of the complex activity of the body, in which thoughts are transformed into words. And much here depends on…

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Timbre Correction
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About digital effects
Most compressors and gates are based on analog circuits. Most of the effects that apply time change in any form are based on digital electronics: delay, reverbs, pitch shifters, multi-effects…

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Oxygen 88 – the new MIDI keyboard from M-Audio

M-Audio, a pioneer in the development of compact MIDI keyboards, has released a new MIDI keyboard – the 88-key graduated USB MIDI controller with a hammer mechanism. What does this mean?

– Hammer keyboard, through the use of a system of levers and springs reliably conveys the sensation of pressing the keys, just like when playing on a real piano or piano

– Graduation suggests that keystrokes are somewhat heavier in low registers and easier in high registers – similar to playing an acoustic piano or grand piano
Key Features

32 assignable knobs, faders, buttons, in combination with the Oxygen 88 transport consoles give you complete control over the session. Special Track up / down buttons allow you to switch from track to track with one easy touch, thereby allowing you to completely concentrate on the recording process and mixing instead of constantly “jumping” between the QWERTY keyboard and MIDI controller. DirectLink mode automatically mapps all major DAW parameters, while the built-in presets synchronize the controller with such popular virtual instruments as Xpand! ™ 2, Hybrid ™, Velvet®, Strike®, Oddity, ImpOSCar and MiniMonsta. Using the Select keys, you can quickly switch MIDI channels and presets, thereby ensuring complete tactile control of software and hardware tools. Syncing a MIDI controller with your software has never been easier!

– Panel consisting of 88 hammer keys and 4 velocity curves
– 8 MIDI assignable knobs
– 9 MIDI assignable 60 mm faders
– 9 MIDI assignable buttons
– 6 special transport controllers
– 4 zones for superimposing and splitting sounds on the keyboard
– Special Track up / down buttons
– Special Octave up / down buttons
– Assignable Pitch Bend Wheels and Modulations
– 2 special snapshot buttons
– 3 unique selection buttons for instant transition to presets, program changes and MIDI channels
– 3-digit LED (LED digital indicators provide greater durability compared to gas discharge)
– DirectLink mode automatically maps the main DAW parameters
– A pre-installed controller card for music software such as Xpand! 2, Hybrid, Velvet, Strike, Oddity, impOSCar, and Minimonsta
– Compatible with Avid Pro Tools and other DAWS
– 4 speed curves
– 3 pedal inputs: 2 sustain pedal inputs, expression pedal input
– MIDI port
– USB port for connecting to a computer
– Power 9V
– Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS X
– Weight and parameters: 46.7 kg. And 53.3 “(L) x 14 (W) x 5.5” (H)

Oxygen 88 – the new MIDI keyboard from M-Audio (M-Audio, with the new piano keyboard MIDI keyboard Oxygen 88)

The presented device is more like a full-fledged digital piano than a standard keyboard controller. Oxygen 88 offers a 88-key step controller with a hammer mechanism; DirectLink mode for instant display of the controller in general DAW functions; compatibility with Avid Pro Tools, Apple GarageBand, Apple Logic, Ableton Live, Steinberg Cubase, FL Studio and other DAWS, buttons for moving and selecting a track; There are also 32 assignable knobs, faders and buttons.

Assignable buttons, knobs, and faders for this device provide full control over the music software, while DirectLink automatically displays these controls in common DAW features such as moving, mixing, track, and plug-in options. In addition, Oxygen’s built-in presets offer support for many virtual instruments, without the need to install them. The new controller is ideal for use on stage or in the studio.

The keyboard, in terms of convenience and functionality, wins the Italian FATAR Numa *, but loses in cost to the Chinese CME UF-80.
* In comparison, the older and incomparably more expensive model, which has wooden keys in its arsenal, is not taken into account.

Full management

In addition to knobs, faders and buttons, Oxygen 88 provides a whole range of other controls that let your creativity unfold. Programmable pitch and modulation wheels give your performance a sense of expression. Four customizable zones with buttons allow you to overlay sounds, share the keyboard and create huge multi-level patches. Three selection buttons provide the ability to quickly and easily find presets, change programs, and switch MIDI channels. Special “track up / down” buttons help you quickly find the desired track in a digital workstation, and with the help of two “snapshot” buttons you can instantly send the necessary parameters to the computer. And finally, the special transpose / octave buttons for transposing complete the set of controls.

Oxygen 88 - the new MIDI keyboard from M-Audio
M-Audio, a pioneer in the development of compact MIDI keyboards, has released a new MIDI keyboard - the 88-key graduated USB MIDI controller with a hammer mechanism. What does this…


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