Violin - a musical instrument
The history of music believes that the violin in its most perfect form arose in the 16th century. By that time, all bowed instruments operating throughout the Middle Ages were…

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Musical genre
Genre (from French genre - genus) is a historically established division, the type of work in the unity of its form and content. They differ in the way of performance…

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The mysteries of a beautiful voice
Today I would like to touch upon a question related to the timbre, beauty and harmony of our voice. It is often said that a woman loves with her ears,…

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ordinary acoustic

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French horn

French horn (from German Waldhorn – “forest horn”, Italian. Corno, English french horn, French. Cor) – brass wind musical instrument bass-tenor register. It came from a hunting signal horn; it entered the orchestra in the middle of the 17th century. Until the 1830s, like other copper instruments, it had no valves and was a natural instrument with a limited sound scale.

Among its closest neighbors, brass instruments, the horn stands out for its particularly melodious, velvety and warm timbre, and its thoughtfully lyrical sound. Its distant predecessor was a hunting horn, as evidenced by the name itself: translated from German, “horn” means “forest horn”.

Hence, the first impression of the sound of the horn is associated with the boundless distance, nature, forests and fields. But the horn is also characterized by courageous, dramatic colors, they remind of the Continue reading


Oboe (from fr. Hautbois, literally “tall tree”, English, German and Italian. Oboe) is a woodwind musical instrument of the soprano register of the symphony orchestra, which is a conical tube with a valve system and a double cane (tongue). Oboe acquired a modern look in the first half of the 18th century. The instrument has a melodious, but somewhat nasal, and in the upper register – a sharp timbre.

The oboe can also be a member of a brass band, in various chamber ensembles. By the sound of “la” oboe, an orchestra is tuned.

Oboe device is complicated. The sound in it occurs as a result of the vibration of two connected reed plates, Continue reading

Music. How to make a good sound

Use high-quality hosts, samples and instruments. Do not forget that even if the sample is 24 bits, 96 kilohertz – this does not mean that it is of high quality. Look at the frequency response for dips, check the dynamic range. Over time, this will be determined elementarily, by ear.

If a live recording is recorded – a good microphone, a pre and a card. It is necessary to record at the maximum possible volume, which does not give an overload. The limiter at the entrance saves you from level jumps.

Listen carefully to the track one day after writing. Write down what you don’t like there. Correct point by point, from complex to simple. Make sure that the next change does not spoil the previous improvements. After it seems that the track sounds good, try listening to it on ordinary speakers from the music center or on computer soap dishes. Compare with branded tracks of a similar genre. Do not work continuously for more than two hours. It is best to turn off the sound once an hour and go to the kitchen Continue reading

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Kurt COBAIN: Last 30 Days
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Revitalizing MIDI Drums
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Sonata, musical composition for one or more instruments. In the classical sense, the term refers to a work for piano solo or for a string or spiritual instrument with a…


Impressionism in music
Impressionism (French: impressionnisme, from impression - impression), the direction in art of the last third of the XIX - beginning of XX centuries. The application of the term “impressionism” to…