25 Plants That Start With Q (2024)

Looking for plants that start with Q? There are many charming flowers that start with Q, but if you're looking specifically for plants, we've got you covered!

There are not a lot of words that start with this uncommon letter of the alphabet, but luckily there are still plenty of beautiful plants that do. Here are 25 of the best plants starting with the letter “Q.”

Quick Look

  1. Queen Anne’s Lace
  2. Quince
  3. Quackgrass
  4. Queen’s Tears
  5. Quandong Tree
  6. Queen’s Cup
  7. Quartervine
  8. Queensland Bottletree
  9. Queen of Sheeba
  10. Quaking Aspen
  11. Quail Bush
  12. Queen’s Palm
  13. Quinine
  14. Quillwort
  15. Queensland Kauri Pine
  16. Queen of the Meadow
  17. Quickset
  18. Quesnelia
  19. Quaker Ladies
  20. Queen of the Night
  21. Quassia
  22. Quercus
  23. Quadricolor Century Plant
  24. Quamash
  25. Queen’s Wreath

1. Queen Anne’s Lace

25 Plants That Start With Q (1)

  • Common Name(s): Queen Anne’s lace, Wild carrot, Bird's nest, Bishop's lace
  • Scientific Name: Daucus carota
  • Native to: Temperate regions of Europe and southwest Asia

This plant became known as Queen Anne’s lace when it was introduced in North America. The flowers resemble lace, and the red central spot is where the queen pricked her finger on a needle.

2. Quince

25 Plants That Start With Q (2)

  • Common Name(s): Quince
  • Scientific Name: Cydonia oblonga
  • Native to: Iran and Turkey

This bright yellow fruit belongs to the same family as apples and pears. However, the fruit is quite tart when eaten raw. It is usually made into jellies, jams, and puddings instead.

The tree is often grown ornamentally as it displays beautiful pale pink flowers. The fruits also turn pink when cooked, so they can add an attractive hue when added to a fruit spread.

3. Quackgrass

25 Plants That Start With Q (3)

  • Common Name(s): Quackgrass, Couch grass, Twitch, Quitch grass. Dog grass, Witchgrass
  • Scientific Name: Elymus repens
  • Native to: Europe, Asia, the Arctic biome, and northwest Africa

Although sometimes used for erosion control, it isn’t recommended as it’s so difficult to eradicate. This plant's ability to entwine itself with the roots of other perennials makes this grass seriously invasive and a weed world-over.

4. Queen’s Tears

25 Plants That Start With Q (4)

  • Common Name(s): Queen's tears
  • Scientific Name: Billbergia nutans
  • Native to: Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina

Although this plant looks delicate, it is quite tough and can withstand periods of neglect, making it an easy addition to a garden, and one sure to delight onlookers.

5. Quandong Tree

25 Plants That Start With Q (5)

  • Common Name(s): Quandong Tree, Desert Quandong, Native Peach
  • Scientific Name: Santalum acuminatum
  • Native to: Australia

The fruit of this tree has become one of the most well-known of native Australian’s ‘bush tucker’ food, with the popularity leading to wider domestication.

6. Queen’s Cup

25 Plants That Start With Q (6)

  • Common Name(s): Queen's cup, Bride's bonnet, Bead lily, Single-flowered clintonia
  • Scientific Name: Clintonia uniflora
  • Native to: Western North America

These flowers stick to mountain areas and prefer to grow in shade. As well as the small, singular, white flowers, the plant also produces a blue fruit that was mashed and used as a dye by indigenous Americans.

7. Quartervine

25 Plants That Start With Q (7)

  • Common Name(s): Quartervine, Crossvine, Trumpet Flower
  • Scientific Name: Bignonia capreolata
  • Native to: Central and southern United States

If you cut the stem of this plant you will find a distinctive cross pattern, hence the unusual name for this flowering vine.

8. Queensland Bottletree

25 Plants That Start With Q (8)

  • Common Name(s): Queensland Bottletree, Narrow-leaved bottle tree
  • Scientific Name: Brachychiton rupestris
  • Native to: Queensland, Australia

The name of this tree is derived from its bulbous trunk. This trunk thins out as the trunk grows higher, resulting in a bottle-shaped appearance.

9. Queen of Sheeba

25 Plants That Start With Q (9)

  • Common Name(s): Queen of Sheeba
  • Scientific Name: Theylmitra variegata
  • Native to: Western Australia

These gorgeous orchids can only grow in one specific spot in Australia, as they rely on specific fungi to germinate their tiny seeds.

10. Quaking Aspen

25 Plants That Start With Q (10)

  • Common Name(s): Aspen, Trembling Aspen, American aspen, Mountain aspen, Golden aspen, Trembling poplar, White poplar, Popple
  • Scientific Name: Populus tremuloides
  • Native to: North America

Quaking aspens are so-called for the leaves which tremble on their long stalk, even in a light breeze. They are beautiful in the fall when their leaves turn a golden yellow hue.

11. Quail Bush

25 Plants That Start With Q (11)

  • Common Name(s): Quail bush, Big saltbrush, Big saltbush, Quailbrush, Lenscale, White thistle
  • Scientific Name: Atriplex lentiformis
  • Native to: Coastal California

These salt-tolerant shrubs can grow tall in saline or alkaline soils and bloom from June to July.

12. Queen’s Palm

25 Plants That Start With Q (12)

  • Common Name(s): Queen’s palm, Cocos palm
  • Scientific Name: Syagrus romanzoffiana
  • Native to: South America

This hardy palm is now a common ornamental tree for urban areas in subtropical regions worldwide.

13. Quinine

25 Plants That Start With Q (13)

  • Common Name(s): Quinine, Cinchona, Red cinchona, Cinchona bark, Jesuit’s bark, Loxa bark
  • Scientific Name: Cinchona officinalis
  • Native to: South America

The most famous use of this tree is for the extract of quinine from its bark. This was used as an anti-fever agent, and for the prevention of malaria.

This was prescribed to British naval officers, who mixed the bitter ingredient into a tonic with gin. From here, it became a popular pairing with the spirit. This is still true today, as quinine is now the main flavoring in today’s tonic water.

14. Quillwort

25 Plants That Start With Q (14)

  • Common Name(s): Quillworts
  • Scientific Name: Isoetes
  • Native to: South America

These semi-aquatic plants grow in slow-moving streams. Fossilized versions of the species can be dated back as far as the Permian period, which ended about 300 million years ago.

15. Queensland Kauri Pine

25 Plants That Start With Q (15)

  • Common Name(s): Queensland kauri pine, Smooth-barked kauri
  • Scientific Name: Agathis robusta
  • Native to: Queensland, Australia, and Papua New Guinea

This tree is much rarer today after being heavily logged. The tall evergreens grow in rainforests and some are hundreds of years old.

16. Queen of the Meadow

25 Plants That Start With Q (16)

  • Common Name(s): Queen of the meadow, Meadowsweet, Mead wort
  • Scientific Name: Filipendula ulmaria
  • Native to: Europe and Western Asia

This plant provides a pleasant herb. It is used in alcoholic beverages, vinegar, and stewed fruits. It adds a subtle almond flavor to these recipes.

17. Quickset

25 Plants That Start With Q (17)

  • Common Name(s): Hawthorn, Quickset
  • Scientific Name: Crataegus
  • Native to: Temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere

The term “quickset” is used to refer to hawthorn when it is planted to create a hedge, often used as a boundary and called a “living fence.”

18. Quesnelia

25 Plants That Start With Q (18)

  • Common Name(s): Quesnelia
  • Scientific Name: Quesnelia
  • Native to: Brazil

This plant genus refers to many beautiful tropical flowers that grow widely in Brazil. They grow 2 to 3 feet tall and flower bright red in the spring.

19. Quaker Ladies

25 Plants That Start With Q (19)

  • Common Name(s): Quaker ladies, Azure bluet
  • Scientific Name: Houstonia caerulea
  • Native to: Eastern Canada

The dainty blue flowers can be found growing all along the east coast of North America, and can grow in large thickets in the right conditions.

20. Queen of the Night

25 Plants That Start With Q (20)

  • Common Name(s): Queen of the night, Princess of the night, Dutchman's pipe cactus
  • Scientific Name: Epiphyllum oxypetalum
  • Native to: Southern Mexico

This cactus gets its mysterious name from the fact that it rarely blooms and, if it does, only does so by night. By morning, its flowers have wilted.

The plant has become naturalized in China, and is used in traditional medicine across Asia to reduce pain and inflammation.

21. Quassia

25 Plants That Start With Q (21)

  • Common Name(s): Quassia
  • Scientific Name: Quassia
  • Native to: Tropics worldwide

Quassia wood is thought to have many health benefits, including the treatment of eating disorders and digestive problems.

It contains a chemical that might increase stomach acid and this is thought to account for its digestive effects and use as an appetite stimulant.

22. Quercus

25 Plants That Start With Q (22)

  • Common Name(s): Oak
  • Scientific Name: Quercus
  • Native to: The Americas, Asia, Europe, and North Africa

This tree has long been considered a symbol of strength and endurance. A long list of countries has designated it a national tree, including Germany, Poland, and Bulgaria.

23. Quadricolor Century Plant

25 Plants That Start With Q (23)

  • Common Name(s): Quadricolor Century Plant
  • Scientific Name: Agave univittata
  • Native to: Mexico

This plant is a highly ornamental succulent, great as an addition to rock gardens in sunny regions. When exposed to very bright sun, the deep green leaves will start to turn red.

24. Quamash

25 Plants That Start With Q (24)

  • Common Name(s): Quamash, Camas
  • Scientific Name: Camassia quamash
  • Native to: Western North America

This small plant can cover an entire meadow, making it appear a blue-violet color

It can also be eaten, with the bulbs making a nutritious food when roasted or boiled. However, care needs to be taken in identifying the right flower, as it looks very similar to the toxic white-flowered “meadow death-camas.”

25. Queen’s Wreath

25 Plants That Start With Q (25)

  • Common Name(s): Queen’s wreath, Coral vine, Coralita
  • Scientific Name: Antigonon leptopus
  • Native to: Mexico

These beautiful vines produce small pink or white flowers. Aboriginal inhabitants of Baja California used to toast the seeds for eating, they burst open creating a dish very similar to popcorn.

25 Plants That Start With Q (2024)
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