60 Best Karaoke Songs For Women (Personal Favorites) (2024)

Looking to slay your next karaoke night?

I’ve handpicked the best karaoke songs for women that are sure to highlight your vocal range.

This ultimate female karaoke playlist features top hits across genres that you’ll love belting out.

Quick answer (author’s top picks): what are the best karaoke songs for women?

“Whenever I step up for karaoke, I find that ‘I Love Rock N Roll’ by Joan Jett really sets the stage on fire. There’s also no denying the infectious energy of singing ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ by Cyndi Lauper, making everyone want to dance along. And for a dramatic finish, belting out ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ by Bonnie Tyler never fails to create a memorable moment.”

Franka Blazic, Writer at MidderMusic, Piano Player & Karaoke Enthusiast

Top picks of karaoke songs for women

  • “I Love Rock N Roll” by Joan Jett
  • “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cindy Lauper
  • “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” by Bonnie Tyler
  • “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri
  • “Roar” by Katy Perry
  • “Mamma Mia” by ABBA
  • “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne
  • “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” by Pat Benatar
  • “I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan
  • “What’s Love Got To Do With It” by Tina Turner

1. “I Love Rock N Roll” by Joan Jett

My first suggestion for a powerful karaoke performance is Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock N Roll.”

You can’t go wrong with this rock anthem.

The chorus is fairly easy to sing, and since everybody knows, you’re probably gonna get some help from the audience.

2. “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cindy Lauper

Another popular choice in karaoke bars is “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cindy Lauper.

It’s an 80s classic that will definitely fit the atmosphere.

But you’ll probably have to include a couple of dance moves too.

Don’t forget to pin this playlist for later!

60 Best Karaoke Songs For Women(Personal Favorites) (1)

3. “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” by Bonnie Tyler

And if you’re looking for a power ballad that doesn’t require a dance routine, you can opt for Bonnie Tyler.

Her timeless hit “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” is arguably one of the most popular female karaoke songs.

4. “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri

Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” could also be described as a power ballad, but it has a more modern sound.

It was released in 2011, and it’s one of the greatest karaoke songs for girls.

5. “Roar” by Katy Perry

If you decide to try your luck with Katy Perry’s “Roar”, you will certainly have a night to remember.

“Roar” is a powerful and emotional song, and if you have solid singing skills, you’ll be able to pull it off.

6. “Mamma Mia” by ABBA

Mamma Mia” is one of the easy karaoke songs for women.

It’s a timeless hit, and everyone in the room will probably join you in singing (and dancing.)

If you want to make the atmosphere more lively, you can’t go wrong with Abba.

7. “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne

If you loved Avril Lavigne back in high school (or you still do), then this song is for you.

“Complicated” is one of Avril’s signature songs, and it’s also relatively easy to sing.

It’s a great karaoke song for girls.

8. “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” by Pat Benatar

And perhaps this 80s rock classic will bring the best out of you.

It’s fast-paced and energetic, but also not too hard to sing.

The important thing is to show your confidence.

9. “I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan

If you prefer R&B and soul, then perhaps Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman” is your perfect karaoke song.

It’s uplifting, catchy, and empowering.

And it will make you feel like a real performing star.

10. “What’s Love Got To Do With It” by Tina Turner

Tina Turner’s 80s classic is another great song for women to sing.

In 2012, “What’s Love Got To Do With It” was even inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

11. “Bubbly” by Colbie Caillat

Colbie Caillat’s “Bubbly” is a sweet, familiar tune that came out in 2007.

And it’s fairly easy to sing – you don’t need to have a big vocal range.

That being said, “Bubbly” is one of the women’s karaoke songs that will guarantee you a good performance.

12. “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

If you feel ambitious, you can try singing “Shallow” from “A Star is Born.”

This song is actually a perfect duet karaoke song.

But you can also pull it off by yourself.

13. “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor

If you get stage fright before your performance, don’t worry – you will survive.

And if you decide to sing Gloria Gaynor’s iconic hit, you’ll certainly have a lot of fun too.

14. “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson’s 2004 pop hit will take you to some good old days.

It’s an easy karaoke song for women, and singing it will make you feel confident and powerful.

15. “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift

Speaking of confidence, Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” is a perfect song for anyone who wants to feel great on stage.

This popular, catchy song is all about having fun and not caring what other people think about you.

So, get ready to shake it all off.

16. “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child

It’s a familiar melody, pure R&B vibes, and Beyonce – what could go wrong?

“Say My Name” is arguably one of the best karaoke songs for women.

However, you need to be ready for some fast-paced parts of the song.

17. “Wannabe” by Spice Girls

Does it get more iconic than “Wannabe” and Spice Girls?

This could be a good song for your karaoke solo performance, but if your friend(s) want to join you – even better!

18. “Come On Over (All I Want Is You)” by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has an amazing voice, but don’t let that scare you.

This catchy, uplifting tune doesn’t require advanced singing skills like some of her other songs.

It’s one of the top female karaoke songs.

19. “Oops!…I Did It Again” by Britney Spears

If you’re looking for smashing pop hits for your upcoming karaoke night, you can’t go wrong with Britney Spears.

“Oops!…I Did It Again” is also easy to sing, so you won’t have any problems with it.

20. “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish

And if you want to make things interesting, why not opt for “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish?

Billie’s breathy voice is very unique, but you can perform your version of the song.

The beat and the atmosphere of the song will certainly help you pull it off.

21. “Give Me One Reason” by Tracy Chapman

My next suggestion is Tracy Chapman’s signature song.

It’s folksy and familiar, and it’s a good karaoke song for women of every vocal range.

22. “You’re Still The One” by Shania Twain

You’re Still The One” is one of the best female country karaoke songs.

It has a simple and familiar melody and heartfelt lyrics.

It’s all you need for an enjoyable performance.

23. “Respect” by Aretha Franklin

Are you ready for a real show?

Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” is an ideal karaoke song for anyone who wants to show off both their dancing and singing skills.

After all, karaoke is all about having fun and enjoying yourself.

24. “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon

If you recently went through a breakup, perhaps “You’re So Vain” is a song for you.

The song is also rather easy and slow, and the lyrics are quite memorable.

You probably already know them by heart.

25. “Jolene” by Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” is a heartbreaking country love song about love and insecurities.

Miley Cyrus also did a great cover version of the song, if you’re looking for more recent inspirations.

26. “Party In The USA” by Miley Cyrus

Speaking of Miley, her 2010 hit “Party In The USA” is also one of the easy karaoke songs for women.

It’s very uplifting, simple, and fun – and that’s sometimes all you need.

27. “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor

“All About That Bass” is another feel-good hit you can try to sing.

This is not the easiest karaoke song, but it’s certainly fun and danceable.

28. “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston

“I Wanna Dance With Somebody” is a timeless hit.

And it’s probably one of the most sung karaoke songs ever.

Therefore, it deserves a spot on this list.

29. “They Long To Be (Close To You)” by The Carpenters

“They Long To Be (Close To You)” is a great karaoke song for women who can hit low notes.

It’s also slow and steady, so you can easily pull it off even if you’re not an experienced singer.

30. “One Way Or Another” by Blondie

Blondie’s “One Way Or Another” is the ultimate karaoke hit.

If you feel ready to conquer the stage, look no further – “One Way Or Another” is your song.

31. “It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls

Let’s continue with the greatest karaoke hits.

It’s hard to say something new about “It’s Raining Men” – it’s simply one of the greatest hits of all time.

32. “Sweet Escape” by Gwen Stefani

“Sweet Escape” is a great karaoke song for girls.

It’s popular, cool, and relatively easy to sing.

And you can also add a few dance moves now and then.

33. “Take A Bow” by Rihanna

Rihanna’s “Take A Bow” is a good choice for anyone searching for familiar pop ballads.

And if you find the lyrics relatable, you will certainly have a chance to pour your soul into this performance.

34. “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Hailey Reinhart

“Can’t Help Falling In Love” is one of the most beautiful love songs ever written.

And Hailey Reinhart’s cover version could be a good inspiration for a female karaoke performance.

35. “Everyday Is A Winding Road” by Cheryl Crow

“Everyday Is A Winding Road” is one of the popular karaoke songs.

So, if you want to play it safe, you can always go with this one.

36. “Juice” by Lizzo

Lizzo’s “Juice” will undoubtedly get everyone on their feet.

It’s a catchy R&B/pop song released in 2019.

And it’s a good karaoke choice for girls of all vocal ranges.

37. “Levitating” by Dua Lipa

This chart-topping hit would be a great karaoke surprise.

Although it’s very popular, not many people dare to perform it – the beginning is quite fast.

But I’m sure you can master it!

38. “I’m A Bitch” by Meredith Brooks

“I’m A Bitch” is a true girl power anthem.

If you decide to perform it, I’m sure you’ll get a lot of support from the audience.

39. “Royals” by Lorde

When it comes to familiar pop songs, I didn’t forget about “Royals.”

“Royals” is a slower and more easy-going song than some of the other songs on this list.

But it’s no less powerful.

40. “Superstar” by Jamelia

If you choose this 2003 hit, you will feel like a superstar.

The song is uplifting, familiar, and fairly easy to sing.

Therefore, it’s arguably one of the best girl karaoke songs.

41. “Hello” by Adele

Singing Adele’s songs requires more intricate singing skills and a bigger vocal range.

However, if you manage to pull it off, your karaoke performance will be one to remember.

42. “Piece of My Heart” by Janis Joplin

“Piece of My Heart” is a rock classic released in 1969.

The song is a bit demanding though, but if you’re up for a challenge, it’s a perfect karaoke choice for you.

43. “Happy” by Pharrell Williams

“Happy” was a huge hit when it came out in 2013.

And everyone still knows it by heart.

It’s also cheerful and easy to sing – therefore, it’s a great karaoke song both for men and women.

44. “If I Could Turn Back Time” by Cher

Are you wondering what would you do if you could turn back time?

If yes, then this song is for you.

After all, Cher is always welcomed in karaoke bars.

45. “Breathe” by Faith Hill

Released in 1999, “Breathe” is still a favorite country karaoke song.

And it might very well be a good choice for you, especially if you’re in love.

46. “Hopelessly Devoted To You” by Olivia Newton-John

In “Hopelessly Devoted To You”, Olivia Newton-John is singing about being madly in love.

She is devoted to her special someone, and she can’t stop dreaming about him.

Maybe it’s John Travolta?

47. “You Know I’m No Good” by Amy Winehouse

If you like Amy Winehouse’s music, why not opt for “You Know I’m No Good”?

The song is not too demanding, and it’s undeniably one of her most popular tracks.

48. “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo

You don’t need to be an incredible singer to sing “Driver’s License.”

It’s actually a great karaoke song for females, especially if you prefer more gentle pop songs.

49. “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia

“Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia is a song that doesn’t get old.

It’s still frequently played on the radio, and it’s a popular women’s karaoke choice.

50. “Crazy In Love” by Beyonce

If you’re still wondering what is the best karaoke song for females, the answer can always be Beyonce.

You can choose one of her powerful ballads or a danceable smashing hit like “Crazy In Love” – that depends on your vocal abilities and preferences.

51. “Heard It Through The Grapevine” by Marvin Gaye

This iconic R&B track from 1968 could be a great female karaoke song.

Just be creative and don’t worry about the fact that it’s originally performed by a man.

52. “Stand By Your Man” by Tammy Wynette

“Stand By Your Man” is a country classic released in 1968.

It’s mellow and soft, but it has a rather powerful chorus.

Either way, it’s a good women’s karaoke song for anyone who loves country music.

53. “Vogue” by Madonna

This list wouldn’t be complete without Madonna.

And is there a more glorious way to shine on a stage than by performing “Vogue”?

And if something goes wrong, just strike a pose.

54. “Crazy” by Patsy Cline

Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” is rather slow and easy-going.

However, it does require hitting some high notes.

It’s a great karaoke option nevertheless.

55. “Can’t Get You Outta My Head” by Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue’s unforgettable, nostalgic hit could be one of the fun female karaoke songs.

You just need to put all your energy into it – dancing and all.

56. “Cups” by Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick’s “Cups” is an easy karaoke song.

As long as you don’t perform it with cups.

When I’m gone
When I’m gone
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone…

57. “Dancing Queen” by ABBA

I can’t skip this ultimate dance hit.

Just like “Mamma Mia”, “Dancing Queen” will put everyone on their feet.

And you can expect a proper sing-along.

58. “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys

And maybe you want to take the mic, sit down, and sing something smooth…

If that’s the case, “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys is a perfect karaoke song for you.

59. “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” is one of the greatest hits of the 70s.

It’s a song about love based on Stevie Nicks’ personal experiences.

Perform it in the upcoming karaoke night and you’ll get nothing but praise.

60. “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence + The Machine

If you have good control of your voice, you can also try to sing “Dog Days Are Over.”

One thing is for sure: this song will make you feel like you can do anything.

It’s pure happiness.

Wrapping Up My List of Karaoke Songs For Women

One of the most important things about karaoke is to enjoy yourself.

And to do that, it’s good to choose a song upfront – that will make you feel more relaxed and confident.w

I hope my list of the top women’s karaoke songs provided you with some great ideas!

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Greetings, music enthusiasts! I'm Franka Blazic, a dedicated writer at MidderMusic, a seasoned piano player, and a passionate karaoke enthusiast. I've spent countless nights belting out tunes in karaoke bars and have handpicked a selection of the best karaoke songs for women that are guaranteed to showcase your vocal range and captivate any audience. My expertise in both music and karaoke extends beyond mere recommendations, as I've personally performed these songs and witnessed their impact on various audiences.

Now, let's dive into the curated list of the ultimate female karaoke playlist, featuring a diverse range of hits across genres that will undoubtedly elevate your karaoke night:

  1. "I Love Rock N Roll" by Joan Jett:

    • A powerful rock anthem with an easy-to-sing chorus that ignites the stage.
  2. "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper:

    • An 80s classic that brings infectious energy to the atmosphere, inviting everyone to join in the fun.
  3. "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" by Bonnie Tyler:

    • A timeless power ballad that requires no dance routine, creating a memorable karaoke moment.
  4. "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri:

    • A modern power ballad with a more contemporary sound, released in 2011, making it a great choice for karaoke.
  5. "Roar" by Katy Perry:

    • A powerful and emotional song that, when sung with solid skills, ensures a night to remember.
  6. "Mamma Mia" by ABBA:

    • A timeless and easy karaoke song that guarantees a lively atmosphere with everyone singing and dancing along.
  7. "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne:

    • One of Avril's signature songs, known for being both loved and relatively easy to sing, making it ideal for karaoke.
  8. "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar:

    • An 80s rock classic that brings energy to the stage, not too hard to sing but requiring confidence.
  9. "I’m Every Woman" by Chaka Khan:

    • An uplifting and empowering R&B and soul song that will make you feel like a real performing star.
  10. "What’s Love Got To Do With It" by Tina Turner:

    • A Tina Turner 80s classic, inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2012, perfect for showcasing vocal prowess.

These are just a few highlights from the extensive list I've meticulously compiled. Whether you prefer timeless classics or contemporary hits, this playlist caters to diverse tastes, ensuring an unforgettable karaoke experience. So, go ahead, pick your favorite, and let the music guide you to a night filled with joy and entertainment!

60 Best Karaoke Songs For Women (Personal Favorites) (2024)
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