Blue's Clues & You FULL EPISODE! 💙 w/ Josh, Blue & Magenta! | Blue's Clues & You! (2023)


Hang out with Josh, Blue, Magenta, Shovel, Pail, Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, and more Blue's Clues friends! Watch the full episode and use Blue's clues to figure out what she wants to do!

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♪ Have, you seen my dog, Blue, ♪, ♪ She's, looking for you too ♪.

♪ Let's begin with a paw print, ♪, ♪ Everybody's, looking for Blue's, Clues, (And, You), ♪, ♪, Come on in.

Come on in It's.

Blue's, Clues, (And, You), ♪, ♪, Step by step, yes, Clue by clue.

Let's ♪, ♪, Think.

It through, it's, ♪, ♪, It's, Blue's, Clues and You.




Come on in.

Blue, look, who's, here., It's, our friend., Wait, wait..., What's that sound? It's your phone! Oh., Right., It's.

My phone, silly, Josh., Hello?, Hi, Magenta., Oh., Sure., Hey, Blue., She wants to talk to you.

Oh sure of course.

See you soon.

Bye! Magenta is coming.


Magenta is coming.


Magenta is coming.


Magenta is coming.


Magenta is coming over!, Oh, right.


So what do you want to do when Magenta comes over?? Oh! We'll, play Blue's Clues to figure out what Blue wants to do when Magenta comes over.

We are gonna play Blue's Clues and then Magenta's coming over.

Yeah., Oh, okay., So, remember, Blue's paw prints will be on the clues.

Blue's, Clues., Oh., Yeah., We, can't, just leave this paw, print, here., So, let's, clean.

It up.

Maybe with a little help from our friend..

Blue!, Oh, whoa., Well, done., Thank, you, Blue., Hey.

You know what we need for Blue's Clues?.

Our handy, dandy, notebook., Notebook., Got, it., You, know, I'm, really gonna need your help.


You help me? You, will?, Great!, To play.

It Blue's Clues.

You gotta find a..

- Paw print.

- Right.

A paw, print.

That's, our first..

- Clue! - Yeah, a clue.

- And.

We put it in our..

- Notebook! ♪ Put it in our notebook.

Because they're whose clues? ♪ ♪, Blue's, Clues!, ♪, ♪, We gotta find another paw, print, ♪, ♪, Because, that's.

The second clue In her notebook.

♪, ♪, Because they're, whose clues? ♪ Blue's, Clues!, ♪, We gotta find the last paw print That's.

The third clue ♪ ♪, Put it in our notebook because they're whose clues? ♪ Blue's Clues!, You know what to do.

♪ Sit down in our thinking chair, And think, think, think ♪ ♪ 'cause.

When you use mind Take a step at a time, ♪ ♪, You can do anything ♪ ♪, That.

You wanna do ♪.



So, are you ready?? Great.

And? Are you ready, Blue?, Blue?, Did.

You see which way Blue went?, That, way., Oh.

This way.

Thanks., A, clue!, Oh.

My hairdo? Thanks., Oh, I like yours, too.

- No, a clue! - Oh! Oh.

You see a clue? Where? - It's on you.

- Hm, on me? Oh, I'm, the clue.



The first clue, you know, I've always wanted to be a clue, and I've waited for so long.

And now finally.

Ah, it's here.

My dream is coming true.


You know what we need? Our handy, dandy..., Notebook., Ha, OK., Me., OK.

We have a circle for my head, and my ears and my face.

My, hair..., My, shirt., Lines for my legs.

My hands and feet..

Oh, can't, forget about those stripes on my shirt.

And we have..



Josh is the first clue.


What could Blue want to do when Magenta comes over with me? Josh., Hi., Well, I think we need to find more Blue's Clues to figure it out.

- No! - Salt! Come, on., Salt!, Hi, Mr., Salt, Mrs., Pepper.

- What are you doing? - Hi Josh!, Hello!, Hello, Blue!, We're, making a snack.


When Magenta comes over., Oh, great., What kind of snack, ae.

You making? We are making..


Cars!, Yes, racecars made out of, get this, food! - One for Magenta.

- And one for Blue.


You help us? Oh sure thing.

- Hooray! - Will.

You help? Thanks.


We can find more Blue's, Clues., Of, which..

- I am one.

- A clue!.

Oh my, that is exciting.

How was one once.

I brought this carrot for my racecar.


The shortest.

I want the opposite for my racecar.


Well, what's the opposite of shortest? Longest! Right.


Which is the longest vegetable? Celery! Oh, right., There.

You go, Mr., Salt., The, longest vegetable, celery.

Thank, you.

- Shortest.

- Longest.

I want these circle crackers for my racecar.


The biggest circles.

Well, then I want the opposite for my racecar.


So what's, the opposite of biggest? Smallest!, Oh, exactly., Smallest.


Which are the smallest sized circles?, The, peas!, Oh, there you go, Mrs., Pep-- Whoa!, The, smallest size, circles, peas.

- Merci.

- Well..

You're welcome.

- Biggest.

- Smallest.

I brought this broccoli for my racecar.


The bumpiest.

Then I want the opposite for my racecar.


So we need the opposite of bumpiest.

I got this one, no problem., Ah..., oh..., What's, the opposite of bumpiest? Smoothest!, Smoothest, right., Right, of course.


Which is the smoothest? Mushroom! Oh.

Well, there you go, Mr., Salt., The, smoothest, vegetable, the mushroom.


- Bumpiest.

- Smoothest.

Voila, for Magenta! Vroom, vroom!, Voila, for Blue.

Vroom! Vroom!, Thank you for helping us.

Vroom, vroom, vroom!, You're, welcome., Beep, beep!, Vroom!, A, clue!, Backing, up!, Beep, beep, beep., Do.

You see another clue?, Where?, Turn, around!, Hey, I, don't, see, anything., Behind, you., Oh!, On, this, this, uh..., Smile!, Oh, OK, uh..., Cheese., Oh, oh, oh!.

You mean, smile is our second clue.

- We need.

Our handy dandy..

- Notebook! Notebook!.



Second clue, is..., A, smile., Draw, a big, circle., Two eyes and a curve here.

And here for a big smile.



Our first clue was..



Now, our second clue is..., A, smile, hm., Josh, smile., Do.

You think Blue wants me to smile? Is that it? Did I just figure it out?.

No, I smile.

All the time.

I think we need to find our last clue.

Ready or not, here.

We come! Sounds, like..., Shovel and Pail! Oh..., Looks like they're at the playground.

Blue, just skidooed!, Let's, go!, ♪, Blue Skidoo.

We can too ♪, Woah!, Hey, Shovel!, Hey, Pail! - Ssh! - Ssh! - Josh, Blue! - We need your help!, We're playing hide and seek!.


You help us find our friends? Of, course!, Will.

You help me? You, will? Great.

Then we can go look for more Blue's.

Clues., Of, which..., I.

Am one.

- Really? - Ssh! OK.


Should we look first?? Well, I think Duck went that way! Oh, more footprints! But, which ones are ducks?.

Those!, Nice!, Come, on!, Oh...

The prints stop here.

But, where's, Duck? - There! - There! Duck.

We found you! Well hello, little duck., Good, hiding., Good, seeking., We still haven't found our snail friend.


You help us find her?.



Go find snail! Oh, more prints!, Can.

You tell which trail will lead to Snail? - That one! - That one!, But..., where's, Snail?, Hmm.

- Right there! - There! Snail.

We found you! There.

You are! Oh, good, hiding place! Thanks for your help.


Right!, We, better get home, it's almost time for Magenta to come over! - Bye, Josh! - Bye, Blue! - Thanks for your help! - Thanks for your help!.


You., Let's, go!, Come, on., ♪, Mail, time, mail.

Time, Mail, time, mail.

Time, ♪, The, mail's, here!, ♪, Here's.

The mail, it never fails.

It makes me wanna wag my tail.

♪, ♪, When.

It comes I.

Wanna wail mail!, ♪, Come, on., Hey, buddy, hey, pal., Here's, your letter., Hey, somethings, different about you.

But hm.

What is it? Oh, well..., I, wasn't gonna say anything.

But since you asked..

I'm, a clue! Yep.

You are looking at a clue, me., Very, impressive., And.

You have an email! - Hi! - Bye! Oh.

We just got an e-mail.

♪ We just got an e-mail ♪ ♪ We just got an e-mail ♪ ♪ We just got an e-mail ♪ ♪ I wonder who it's from ♪ Oh, it's, an e-mail from our friends.

♪ Let's, get dressed up in silly clothes.

♪ ♪ Let's make up stories.

And put on shows ♪ ♪ And.

We can play hide and seek ♪ ♪ I'll find you And you'll, find me, 'cause, ♪, ♪, That's.

What friends are for ♪ ♪, Yeah, that's.

What friends are for ♪ Bye, Josh!, Bye, Blue!, Bye!, You, know, I, can't, wait for our friend to get here.

Oh, oh! It's.

My phone.

Hello?, Oh, it's, Magenta., You're, almost here?, Great! See.

You soon, Magenta., Bye., Magenta's, almost here.

And we still haven't found our last clue.

One step at a time, that's right.

You can do anything.

- A clue! A clue! - Hm? Yeah.

One more clue., Almost, there., Almost, there, OK, one more., A, clue!, A, clue!, Oh., You, see our last clue?, Where?, Where's, the clue? - On your phone.

- Oh.

My phone? In, your hand., Oh, look!, There.

It is! The.

Last clue is my phone.

You know what we need? Our handy dandy..

- Notebook! - Notebook! Yes, OK., So, let's, draw our phone, clue.


Our notebook.

A, phone., We, draw two rectangles with curved corners.

And, a circle for the button.

A phone.


We have all three clues.

We have all three clues., You know what that means.

We're ready for our..

- Thinking chair! - Thinking chair, right!, Come, on!, Oh..., We're, here., OK, ha-ha! Now that we are in our thinking, chair, let's, think.


We need to figure out what Blue wants to do.

When Magenta comes over., And, our clues, are..

Me, Josh., Smile., And, a phone.


What could Blue want to do when Magenta comes over with me, Josh, smile and a phone? Oh, Oh, well..


She want me, Josh, to make the phone smile?, No., No? Well.

What could Blue want to do with me, Josh, the phone and smile.

- Take a picture.

- Oh.

Oh,? Take a picture! Phones can take pictures.

Too, right?, Yeah!, That's, it., I'll, take a picture of Blue and Magenta with the camera on my phone and say, smile., We just figured out Blue's Clues!, ♪, We just figured out Blue's, Clues, ♪, ♪, We just figured out Blue's, Clues, ♪, ♪, We just figured out Blue's, Clues, ♪, And, Magenta's, here!, Oh, oh, hey, Magenta.


It is picture.


Oh hey.

Can you help me take this picture?, Great, thanks., Uh, OK., If.

You could just hold on to this phone.



You two, stand together.

- Hi! - Hello! Oh, it's, Shovel and Pail.

Vroom, vroom!, And, Mr., Salt and Mrs.

Pepper, alright!, Um, everyone..., Yep, a little this way.


Now we are totally ready for this picture.

Everyone, smile., Alright.

You ready? Take.

The picture.

Alright!, Thank, you., Hey, thanks., Check.

This out.

Oh, hey, Blue.

Can you take a picture of us?? Alright, awesome, awesome, awesome.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for your help today.

Now it's time for so long.

But, we're gonna sing one more song.

♪ Thanks for doing your part.

♪, ♪, You sure are smart You sure worked hard ♪ ♪ When.

You use mind Take a step at a time.

♪ ♪ You can do anything ♪ ♪ That.

You wanna do ♪ ♪, Hoo, ♪, Bye-bye!, I'll, see you soon.

Bye! Come play with me and my puppy, Blue in Blue's Clues and You.

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Blue's Clues & You FULL EPISODE! 💙 w/ Josh, Blue & Magenta! | Blue's Clues & You!? ›

Whilst the image doesn't confirm that Blue, who happens to be a girl pup, and Magenta are a couple, it does hint that the pair are part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Is Blue and Magenta a couple? ›

Whilst the image doesn't confirm that Blue, who happens to be a girl pup, and Magenta are a couple, it does hint that the pair are part of the LGBTQ+ community.

What episode is Magenta in Blue's Clues? ›

Watch Blue's Clues Season 1 Episode 15: Magenta Comes Over - Full show on Paramount Plus. Sign up for Paramount+ to stream this video. Blue has a play date with her best friend Magenta. We play Blue's Clues to determine what Blue wants to do when Magenta comes over.

What was Blues Clues final episode? ›

Who is Magentas owner? ›

Miranda (played by Shannon Walker Williams and Adriana Vasquez in the reboot) is Magenta's owner and Steve's friend. She is the only person other than Steve, Joe, and Josh to use the Thinking Chair, which she shares with Steve in "Shy".

Is blue a girl or a boy? ›

The star of Blue's Clues, Blue, is a girl puppy who communicates to Steve and Joe through barks, which they understand.

Is blue a boy or girl Colour? ›

The colors change

It wasn't until the 1940s that manufacturers went in the opposite direction and decided that pink was for girls, and blue was for boys.

Is Magenta a girl or boy? ›

Magenta is Miranda's pet and Blue's next-door neighbor and best friend. She is an artistic female puppy who loves to take and draw pictures, and she is also very friendly, just like her best friend Blue. Like Blue, she cannot speak, but she can bark to communicate with others, mainly other dogs.

What type of dog is Blue clues? ›

Blue's Clues Dog Names in Pop Culture

Don was known to be a feisty coach who encouraged a tenacious and aggressive style of play, and Blue was a Bull Terrier, a feisty and tenacious breed of dog with a strong sense of loyalty.

Why does Magenta have glasses? ›

Magenta has been having trouble seeing lately, so she goes to the eye doctor to get glasses.

Who is the rainbow dog on Blues Clues? ›

Rainbow Puppy is a character from Blue's Clues & You! She is voiced by Brianna Bryan.

When was paprika born? ›

She was born in the season one finale.

What color does magenta partner with? ›

Your Signature Color is magenta, a beautiful purple-pink. It pairs great with yellow and turquoise and is gorgeous on most Dominant Color Categories.

What is blue and magenta mixed together? ›

Vivid purple is the result of combining magenta and cyan (or blue). You need to have a good magenta in your palette.

Was Blues Clues ever a boy? ›

Even though most children's television shows at the time were built around male characters, Blue was female and as The New York Times put it, "never wore a bow".

What happens when you mix magenta and blue? ›

Magenta and blue make violet, which is a tertiary color. Mixing the primary color blue with the tertiary color violet would give you a slightly blue-violet color. So, you could say that it's the light equivalent of blue-purple.

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