Goodbye Songs (2024)

The right music for saying goodbye

Music can often highlight the best moments of our lives. The same can be said about the bittersweet art of saying goodbye when you’re moving. That’s why we’ve gathered almost 10 hours of music related to goodbyes. Whether you’re moving away, moving on, experiencing a breakup or starting a new adventure — we have songs to help get through it. We’ve compiled a playlist with a wide mix of genres, eras and feelings about saying goodbye to family and friends.

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Our top 10 sad songs about moving away

Our favorite goodbye songs capture a wide range of emotions — the highs, the lows, the memories. And these songs perfectly express every feeling when moving away:

  1. “A Bad Goodbye” – Clint Black and Wynonna Judd
  2. “I Try” – Macy Gray
  3. “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” – Simple Minds
  4. “Wherever You Will Go” – The Calling
  5. “Please Don’t Go Girl” – NKOTB
  6. “I Will Always Love You” – Whitney Houston (Also check out the original by Dolly Parton)
  7. “Nothing Compares 2 U” – Chris Cornell (Also check out the cover by Sinead O’Connor and the original by Prince)
  8. “Here Without You” – 3 Doors Down
  9. “If You’re Gone” – Matchbox 20
  10. “Right Here Waiting” – Richard Marx

“Goodbye, easier said than done. Goodbye”

Clint Black and Wynonna Judd, “A Bad Goodbye”

Sentimental songs for moving after graduation

Whether you’re looking for music to commemorate leaving for college or starting a new life, these songs are full of nostalgia for the closing of a chapter that comes with graduation:

  • “Landslide” – Fleetwood Mac
  • “I Hope You Dance” – Lee Ann Womack
  • “Graduation Song (Friends Forever)” – Vitamin C
  • “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” – Green Day
  • “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” – Baz Luhrmann, Quindon Tarver and Josh Abrahams
  • “Free Bird” – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • “Forever Young” – Bob Dylan (Also check out the cover by The Pretenders)
  • “Today” – Smashing Pumpkins
  • “I Will Remember You” – Sarah McLachlan
  • “Photograph” – Nickelback

“Time makes us bolder. Children get older. I’m getting older, too.”

Fleetwood Mac, “Landslide”

Songs about leaving for a new adventure

Sometimes people sing about leaving for exciting things, like a new job or a new home. And other times, they sing about leaving a relationship or leaving something meaningful behind. These happy goodbye songs cover all those situations and more:

  • “Fight Song” – Rachel Platten
  • “You Gotta Be” – Des’ree
  • “Unwritten” – Natasha Beddingfield
  • “Wide Open Spaces” – The Chicks
  • “Breakaway” – Kelly Clarkson
  • “Second Chance” – Shinedown
  • “Brave” – Sara Bareilles
  • “The Climb” – Miley Cyrus
  • “Million Reasons” – Lady Gaga
  • “Don’t Forget Where You Belong” – One Direction

“And I don't really care if nobody else believes, 'cause I've still got a lot of fight left in me”

Rachel Platten, “Fight Song”

Goodbye songs for friends moving away

It’s never easy when friends leave. Keep a positive mood with these farewell songs for friends as you promise to remember them long after they’ve moved:

  • “Lean on Me” – Ben Withers
  • “Stand By Me” – Ben E. King
  • “A Thousand Miles” – Vanessa Carlton
  • “You’ve Got a Friend” – James Taylor
  • “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” – Randy Newman
  • “I’ll Be There for You” – The Rembrandts
  • “I’ll Stand by You” – The Pretenders
  • “How Can I Help You Say Goodbye” – Patty Loveless
  • “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday” – Boyz II Men
  • “Goodbye to You” – Michelle Branch

“Lean on me when you're not strong. And I'll be your friend. I'll help you carry on”

Ben Withers, “Lean on Me”

Breakup songs

Breakups can be hard whether you’re sad or relieved about moving on. Grab the tissues for this group of songs:

  • “Un-Break My Heart” – Toni Braxton
  • “Stitches” – Shawn Mendes
  • “The First Cut is the Deepest” – Sheryl Crow (Also check out the cover by Rod Stewart and the original by Yusuf/Cat Stevens)
  • “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” – Taylor Swift
  • “Lose You to Love Me” – Selena Gomez
  • “I Will Survive” – Gloria Gaynor
  • “Here’s a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)” – Travis Tritt
  • “Survivor” – Destiny’s Child
  • “Wrong Direction” – Hailee Steinfeld
  • “Gravity” – Sara Bareilles

“Un-break my heart. Say you'll love me again. Undo this hurt you caused when you walked out the door and walked out of my life”

Toni Braxton, “Un-Break My Heart”

Songs to say “I miss you”

Sometimes a broken heart just needs time to wallow or reminisce in the memories. These “I miss you” songs are just the ticket when missing someone:

  • “When You’re Gone” – Avril Lavigne
  • “I’ll Be Missing You” – Diddy, Faith Evans and 112
  • “Missing You” – John Waite
  • “When You’re Gone” – The Cranberries
  • “Miss You Love” – Silverchair
  • “I Miss You” – Beyonce
  • “Stay (I Missed You)” – Lisa Loeb
  • “Miss You” – Foster the People
  • “I Miss You” – Incubus
  • “Miss You” – Darius Rucker

“When you're gone, the pieces of my heart are missin' you. When you're gone, the face I came to know is missin', too”

Avril Lavigne, “When You’re Gone”

Party music for moving

Whether you’re having a going away party, packing up or unpacking at a new place, these upbeat crowd pleasers will set the right mood. Now that you’ve got a playlist ready, check out these other tips to throw a great send-off for a loved one.

  • “MMM Bop” – Hanson
  • “Cheap Thrills” – Sia
  • “Put Your Records On” – Corrine Bailey Rae
  • “Shut Up and Dance” – WALK THE MOON
  • “Party in the U.S.A.” – Miley Cyrus
  • “Glad You Came” – The Wanted
  • “Call Me Maybe” – Carly Rae Jepsen
  • “Closer” The Chainsmokers and Halsey
  • “Y.M.C.A.” – Village People
  • “Twist and Shout” – The Beatles
  • “La Bamba” – Ritchie Valens
  • “Boom Clap” – Charlie XCX
  • “This is What You Came For” – Calvin Harris and Rihanna
  • “Just Dance” – Lady Gaga and Colby O’Donis
  • “Save Tonight” – Eagle-Eye Cherry

Have a song to add to our list?

Is your favorite goodbye song missing from our list? Please share it with us in the comments below!

Do you need something more than music to tell someone farewell? Check out these goodbye quotes for even more touching sentiments.

Goodbye Songs (2024)


What is the best song to say goodbye? ›

The 13 Most Popular Funeral Songs for a Special Goodbye
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Mountain Apple Company Inc. ...
  • Wake Me Up When September Ends. Green Day. ...
  • Wasn't Expecting That. Gingerbread Man Records. ...
  • Fix You. Coldplay. ...
  • I Will Follow You into the Dark. Death Cab for Cutie. ...
  • Waves. ...
  • My Heart Will Go On. ...
  • Supermarket Flowers.

What is a good song to sing when someone is leaving? ›

“I'll Be There for You” – The Rembrandts. “I'll Stand by You” – The Pretenders. “How Can I Help You Say Goodbye” – Patty Loveless. “It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday” – Boyz II Men.

What is the best song for farewell party? ›

12 Hindi songs that will make your farewell extra special
  • Yaariyaan. ...
  • Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe. ...
  • Papa Kehte Hain Bada Naam Karega. ...
  • Tera Jaisa Yaar Kahan. Movie: Yaarana. ...
  • Tera Yaar Hoon Main. Movie: Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety. ...
  • Kal Ho Naa Ho. Movie: Kal Ho Naa Ho. ...
  • Yaadein Yaad Aati Hai. Movie: Yaadein. ...
  • Channa Mereya. Movie: Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.
Apr 10, 2024

What is the song for a goodbye funeral? ›

Here are some of the most popular funeral songs:

Wind Beneath My Wings – Bette Midler. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life – Eric Idle (Monty Python's 'Life of Brian') Time to Say Goodbye – Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli. You'll Never Walk Alone – Gerry and the Pacemakers.

What do you call a farewell song? ›

parting song (noun as in swan song) Strongest matches. farewell wind-up.

How do you say goodbye to a friend who is moving away? ›

"Farewell, my dear friend. The memories we made together will always hold a special place in my heart. Your kindness, generosity and sense of humor have brought so much joy and laughter into my life. I will miss our conversations, our adventures and the good times we shared together.

What's a good song when someone passes away? ›

Here are some of the most recommended sad songs for grief: Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven. Sarah Mclachlan - In The Arms of an Angel. The Beatles - Let It Be.

Who is the song How do I say goodbye dedicated to? ›

Background. Lewis wrote the song for his father, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2019.

How do you say goodbye for the last time? ›

  1. You will be greatly missed.
  2. I will never forget you.
  3. Until we meet again.
  4. Farewell, my friend. I've been beyond lucky to know you.
  5. You are forever in our hearts.
  6. Thank you for the life we shared.
  7. I miss you already. You've touched so many lives – mostly mine.
  8. It's so hard to say goodbye.
Aug 22, 2022

What kind of music is too good at goodbyes? ›

Orchestral pop

What song samples time to say goodbye? ›

Other songs that sampled Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman's Time to Say Goodbye
GoodbyeJason Derulo and David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj and Willy William2018
4 ChordsThe Axis of Awesome2011
Kiss You GoodbyeThe Loft (2)2008

What is a farewell song wedding? ›

At most receptions, the final dance, or the farewell, is the last song of general dancing and when the guests send off the bride and groom.

What is the song for Death Tribute? ›

Amazing Grace has been a popular choice for funeral music for many years. The song has been covered by hundreds of artists over the years.

What is the classic song always played at funerals? ›

A timeless classic that's recognized and loved by countless people, Ave Maria might be the most popular classical song for funerals. Many believe it's the perfect piece for honoring loved ones, as it's an adaptation of the traditional Roman Catholic prayer.

What is a good song for a mother who passed away? ›

When it comes to an iconic song you can always choose “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole or “Mama Liked the Roses” Elvis Presley – even “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston or “One Sweet Day” Mariah Carey. But who you choose for your mom's funeral or celebration of life is to honor your mother's life.

What is a good entrance song for a funeral? ›

Music for Funerals Entrance. The entrance music sets the tone for the ceremony, evoking emotions of reverence and respect. Popular choices often include classical pieces like "Adagio for Strings" by Samuel Barber or "Ave Maria" by Franz Schubert.

What is the saddest song to play at a funeral? ›

Sad funeral songs
  • I'll See You Again – Westlife.
  • Over the Rainbow – Eva Cassidy.
  • Wind Beneath My Wings – Bette Midler.
  • Nothing Compares to You – Sinead O'Connor.
  • Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd.
Jun 20, 2023

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