MLB DFS: Top DraftKings, FanDuel daily Fantasy baseball picks, lineups, advice, stacks for July 9, 2024 (2024)

Daily Fantasy baseball players will have their eyes on the West Coast on Tuesday, with all four MLB contests beginning at 9:30 p.m. ET or later feature either a Cy Young winning or a Cy Young capable starting pitcher. Max Scherzer (Rangers) and Blake Snell (Giants) have both won Cy Young awards and Chris Sale (Braves) and Logan Gilbert (Mariners) have been dominant starting pitchers throughout their careers. All four take the mound late on Tuesday, so should you spend up for any of these prominent pitchers when making MLB DFS lineups on sites like FanDuel and DraftKings on Tuesday?

Even if you don't spend up for them, should you avoid taking the players in the MLB DFS player pool that they are throwing against? Sale was scheduled to start Monday, but had his start pushed back to Tuesday, so will the additional rest make him an even stronger option when forming MLB DFS lineups? Before locking in any MLB DFS picks for Tuesday,be sure to check out the MLB DFS advice, strategy and projections from SportsLine daily Fantasy expert Mike McClure.

McClure is a daily Fantasy pro who has won more than $2 million in his career. And when it comes to daily Fantasy baseball, McClure is at his best. Recognized in the book "Fantasy Football (and Baseball) for Smart People: How to Turn Your Hobby into a Fortune" as a top MLB DFS player, McClure's proprietary projection model simulates each game 10,000 times, taking factors such as matchups and recent results into account. This allows him to find the best values on every site.

On Monday, McClure identified Reds shortstop Elly De La Cruz as one of his top MLB DFS picks. The result: De La Cruz went 2-for-3 with a walk, double, an RBI, two runs scored and two stolen bases, returning 33.9 points on FanDuel and 26 points on DraftKings. Anybody who included him in their lineups was well on the way to a profitable day.

Now, with the 2024 MLB season rolling, McClure has locked in his top MLB daily Fantasy picks for Tuesday, July 9. You can head to SportsLine now to see them.

McClure's top MLB DFS picks for Tuesday

One of McClure's top MLB DFS picks for Tuesday is Rangers shortstop Corey Seager at $5,000 on DraftKings and $3,700 on FanDuel. Seagar went 2-for-5 with a two-run home run, a double and two runs scored on Monday as the 30-year-old hit his second home run in as many days. He's had multiple hits in three straight games and enters on a 13-game hitting streak. Seager is hitting .373 with a 1.093 OPS during his 13-game hitting streak with three home runs, 10 RBI and 10 runs scored during that span.

Seager finished second in the American League MVP voting last season after hitting .327 with a 1.013 OPS with 33 home runs and 96 RBI. He's not hitting at those levels this season, but he's still one of the most productive shortstops in baseball with a .273 batting average and .837 OPS. He's second among shortstops in home runs (17) and sixth in OPS. The Angels are scheduled to start right-handed pitcher Roansy Contreras as a multi-inning opener and Seager, a left-handed hitter, is batting .289 with a .929 OPS against RHP this season.

McClure is also rostering Red Sox shortstop/second baseman David Hamilton ($4,700 on DraftKings and $2,900 on FanDuel). Hamilton has a hit in two of his last three starts and the left-handed hitter is likely to start on Tuesday against Athletics right-handed pitcher Joey Estes. Hamilton is batting .270 with a .771 OPS against RHP in his first full MLB season. Left-handed hitters have fared better than right-handed hitters against Estes in his first full MLB season with a .264 batting average and .864 OPS this season.

The Red Sox acquired Hamilton in a package in exchange for Hunter Renfroe in December 2021. Hamilton wasn't ever considered one of the top prospects in baseball or even within the Red Sox organization, but his defensive and base running acumen has provided him opportunities at the MLBlevel. He comes at a cheap price tag for a Red Sox team that's 6-1 over their last seven contests. Boston is averaging 5.3 runs per game during that span and Hamilton, who has 23 stolen bases, can benefit from being in this hot Red Sox lineup against Oakland, who has allowed the third-most runs in the AL this year.See McClure's full MLB DFS player pool right here.

How to set your MLB DFS lineups for July 9, 2024

McClure is also targeting an undervalued player who is set to explode for huge numbers on Tuesday. The stars are aligning for him to return tournament-winning value and he comes at a price that won't break the bank. You can only see who it is, and get the rest of McClure's MLB DFS picks, here.

So what are the top MLB DFS picks for Tuesday?Visit SportsLine now to see DFS millionaire Mike McClure's complete player pool and picks for FanDuel and DraftKings, all from the DFS expert who has won more than $2 million.

MLB DFS: Top DraftKings, FanDuel daily Fantasy baseball picks, lineups, advice, stacks for July 9, 2024 (2024)


What does DFS mean in fantasy baseball? ›

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) is a type of online game where players build a team of real-life athletes and compete against other players in a single day or week-long contest.

How does Fanduel fantasy baseball work? ›

It's easy! Every player has a specific salary that's based on their expected performance. The players projected to get more points have higher salaries. Your job is to fill all 9 positions on our fantasy baseball roster — P, C/1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, UTIL — while staying under the total salary cap for your team.

What is the lineup strategy for MLB DFS? ›

How to Play MLB DFS: Using Correlation. The key strategic decision the pros are making relative to the field is simply stacking more of their lineups. This makes sense because, as a whole, only 62% of lineups in the field are stacked, so there's a significant advantage to be gained in correlation.

Which is better, DraftKings or FanDuel? ›

FanDuel and DraftKings are like two sides of the same coin. They both offer an exceptional sports betting product. They're among the market leaders in terms of handle and revenue in states in which they operate. Neither overtakes the other to be an overall “better” sportsbook.

What is the dead heat rule on FanDuel? ›

Dead Heat Rule

If a “dead-heat” between two selections is declared on any event, half the stake is applied to the selection at full odds and the other half is lost. If more than two “dead-heats” are declared, the stake is proportioned accordingly.

Can I win money on FanDuel fantasy? ›

Yes, you can win real money with FanDuel's sportsbook, daily fantasy and casino offerings. FanDuel is a legal sportsbook, functioning just as a real casino would but online. You can make real-money deposits online and withdraw your money through various methods.

How does DFS work in fantasy? ›

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) mirrors season-long fantasy sports but condenses it into a shorter, more sweat-inducing format. Heart-throttling contests range from a day to a week depending on the sport. Competitors draft a player roster and those athletes earn points based on their in-game performance.

What is the difference between fantasy and DFS? ›

DFS also differs from conventional fantasy sports in that it's “daily.” This means that each matchup takes place over a brief period of time, from one day to a single weekend. You might face off against the same participants every match, but your opponents will most likely change between different DFS games.

What does DFS fades mean? ›

Fade. To avoid a certain player or players. This is generally done either because you expect the player to be heavily owned and want to have a contrarian lineup, or because you think the player is simply a bad value proposition.

What is the difference between DFS GPP and cash? ›

The simplest definition is: GPPs are tournaments with high payouts while Cash games are 50/50 endeavors with smaller payouts. Cash and GPP formats make up the majority of DraftKings games and require different strategies to win. Below are basic starting points in thinking about strategy for both.

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