Songs About Abusive Parents - (2023)

Songs about abusive parents

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Sadly, you probably know someone who has abused a spouse or child. Someone in your immediate or extended family, at work, in your church, or in your child’s classroom or on the sports team could be a potential referee.

It’s understandable if you want to brush that off as improbable or the responsibility of others. Domestic violence, however, affects people of all races, ages, and religions.

Most domestic abusers are otherwise upstanding members of society who would never break the law if they weren’t hiding their behavior behind closed doors. The damage they cause, though, can be permanent.

Music is a powerful tool for raising public consciousness about the devastating effects of the worldwide epidemic of family violence and child abuse. Considering how many people this devastating issue affects, you should compile a playlist of pop, rock, and country songs.

What Child is this? (Greensleeves) (instrumental with lyrics - karaoke video)


10 Songs about abusive parents

1. “Alyssa Lies” by Jason Michael Carroll

First on our list of songs about abusive parents is this country song, which was released in 2007. This song is so emotionally draining for the singer-songwriter to write that it took her two years to finish it. The song was inspired by a true story of a young girl who was abused. In addition to that, it gave him migraines.

The song tells the story of a child whose school friend lies about her bruises to her classmates and other people so that her attacker can be protected.

The daughter becomes aware that something is not right and inquires to her father about the reason why Alyssa lies. The victim’s abuser had already killed the other student before the victim’s father could submit his suspicions to the proper authorities.

2. “The Little Girl” by John Michael Montgomery

John Michael Montgomery - The Little Girl (Official Music Video)

Next on our list of songs about abusive parents is this country song from the year 2000. This song will move your heart even if you aren’t a religious person.

It tells the story of a young girl who has an alcoholic father and a mother who is addicted to drugs. The youngster had the mistaken belief that she could care for herself.

The girl did not receive enough parental care since she was left alone all day to watch television as her parents fought with each other and indulged in the worst aspects of their substance misuse.

She retreated in terror behind the couch in the living room as the situation became intolerable. She hid there the night her irate father shot both her mother and himself, leaving her an orphan as a result. That was where.

The first time she attended Sunday school was when she was living in a foster home, and there she saw a depiction of Jesus dying on the cross. Instantaneously, she recognized Him as the same man who had concealed himself behind the couch with her on that fatal night.

3. “Luka” by Suzanne Vega

Suzanne Vega - Luka

Some common excuses heard from abused people for their injuries are, “I’m clumsy” and “I walked into the door again.” The protagonist attributes some of her wounds to the aforementioned causes.

She’s a young lady with the name Luka, and she’s talking to a neighbor who lives below her and who, no doubt, heard the yelling in the middle of the night. Luka, in an effort to shield her abuser(s), lies to her neighbor and attempts to reassure her that everything is fine.

The pop song from 1987 was an instant hit all around the world. In the same year, attorney Joel Steinberg and his companion, Hedda Nussbaum, were accused of murder in the beating death of a 6-year-old kid they had illegally adopted. The incident was covered by news outlets around the country.

Despite his manslaughter conviction, Steinberg remains free on parole at the present time. Meanwhile, Nussbaum, who has been a victim of domestic violence, has avoided repercussions by changing her identity and going by a different name.

4. “Never Again” by Nickelback

Nickelback - Never Again [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

More damage is inflicted on children who are held captive in abusive relationships by their parents than the children’s parents are even aware of. This rock song from 2002 features a young boy singing about how his drunken father beats his mother and uses her as a punching bag. After that, he gives her orders to report to the emergency department nurse that she slipped and fell.

The mistreated lady eventually pulls a gun on her abusive husband in an act of self-defense after the violence escalates to a new level. The trajectory of each and every one of their lives is about to be irrevocably altered.

5. “Because of You” by Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You (VIDEO)

This song from 2005 was a huge success both domestically and internationally, reaching number one on the charts. It explains the long-term effects of having experienced psychological maltreatment while growing up.

The narrator says that her father is to blame for her tendency to be too cautious, to not trust others, and to be afraid of taking chances. The severe criticism that she was subjected to has instilled in her a profound sense of shame.

6. “Concrete Angel” by Martina McBride

Martina McBride - Concrete Angel (Official Video)

A young battered girl who brings her own lunch and wears the same clothing she wore the day before to school is the subject of a heartbreaking country song from 2002. She covers up scars and the terrible truth of how they got there.

Even though the educator has concerns about the student’s home life, no one is willing to confront the family or interfere. Without someone to comfort her, the lonely girl transforms into a statue in a graveyard, her eyes fixed on the heavens. To a land of unconditional love, her soul has alighted.

7. “Hush” by Hellyeah

HELLYEAH - Hush (Official Video)

Chad Gray, the band’s frontman, and others who are similar to him were raised in an abusive atmosphere, which is something that many of us can only picture.

This heavy metal song from 2014 is all about that particular torment. It covers the kinds of things that can happen in households when there is mental and physical abuse, such as calling people derogatory names, beatings so severe that the narrator wet his pants, screams, and strangleholds.

The purpose of the song was to encourage people to talk about abusive relationships in the home. Chad Gray felt the need to let other people who had been abused in a similar manner to him know that they are not alone in their experiences.

8. “What’s the Matter Here?” by 10,000 Maniacs

10,000 Maniacs - What's the Matter Here?

One of the reasons that an estimated five children are killed every day as a result of child abuse and neglect is that bystanders are so reluctant to intervene in the situation. The song was written by Natalie Merchant, and she based it on a genuine family that had once resided in the area.

The character of a mother who discovers that her neighbors are mistreating their newborn boy is depicted in a rock song released in 1987. She overhears the threats of violence and watches as their child, who is only partially clothed, runs into the yard looking for a place to hide.

However, rather than phoning the authorities, she dilly-dallies, internally debating whether or not she should speak up or just keep her mouth shut and mind her own business. What action would you take?

9. “I’m OK” by Christina Aguilera

I'm OK

According to the lyrics of a popular song from the year 2002, achieving adulthood when you grew up in a household where there was domestic abuse is comparable to surviving years of living in a war zone.

The cuts and bruises heal, but the mental anguish and shame are lifelong scars that will never go away. In spite of the fact that her father was abusive to her mother, the narrator reassures us that she has emerged unscathed from the situation.

10. “Oh, Mother” by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera - Oh Mother

Last on our list of songs about abusive parents is this heartfelt pop song from 2006 which addresses the narrator’s mother, who endured years of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her husband. Her mother hid her own scars and bruises, but when her husband took out his violent wrath on the children, her mother made the decision to stop covering up the abuse.

The narrator expresses gratitude to her mother for being so courageous and assuringly tells her that the two of them will always prevail when they work together.

There is a one in three probability that a girl who is in high school in the United States would encounter physical or emotional abuse in a dating relationship.


What are some songs about toxic parents? ›

  • “The Little Girl” by John Michael Montgomery. ...
  • “Mother” by Pink Floyd. ...
  • “Father of Mine” by Everclear. ...
  • “Problem Child” by 50 Cent. ...
  • “Little Toy Guns” by Carrie Underwood. ...
  • “Dinner at Eight” by Rufus Wainwright. ...
  • “Lipstick” by Guttermouth. ...
  • “Mother Knows Best” by Richard Thompson.
Feb 8, 2023

What is the psychology behind abusive parents? ›

Parents at risk of abuse toward children tend to have low self-esteem and self-efficacy (believing they have effective parenting techniques). They tend to experience higher stress levels, depression, self-blame, and social isolation.

What happens to a child with abusive parents? ›

Children who witness or are victims of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse are at higher risk for health problems as adults. These can include mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety. They may also include diabetes, obesity, heart disease, poor self-esteem, and other problems.

What happens to sons with abusive mothers? ›

They may also struggle with trust issues and have difficulty setting boundaries. Sons of abusive mothers may also be at increased risk for substance abuse and other forms of self-destructive behavior.

What to do with extremely toxic parents? ›

Setting healthy boundaries, prioritizing self-care, and getting support from family, friends, or a therapist are ways to cope with toxic parents. Therapy can help you recover from trauma. BetterHelp has over 20,000 licensed therapists who provide convenient and affordable online therapy.

What songs are about mommy issues? ›

Hive Five: Great Songs With Mommy Issues
  • Eminem: “My Mom" ...
  • Kate Bush: “Mother Stands for Comfort" ...
  • Misfits: “Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight" ...
  • John Lennon: “Mother" ...
  • Tupac: “Dear Mama"
May 6, 2011

Do abusive parents cause PTSD? ›

Childhood abuse is associated with a wide range of negative outcomes, including increased risk for development of emotion dysregulation and psychopathology such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Do abusive parents ever apologize? ›

In some cases, the parent denied that abuse ever happened. The fact is that, for forgiveness to work, there needs to be reciprocity in which the other admits to wrong doing and apologizes. In the case of abusive parents, this rarely seems to happen.

What are signs of childhood trauma in adults? ›

Signs of childhood trauma
  • Reliving the event (flashbacks or nightmares)
  • Avoidance.
  • Anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Anger.
  • Problems with trust.
  • Self-destructive or risky behaviors.
  • Withdrawal.

Do abusive parents target one child? ›

Sometimes, abusive parents are indiscriminate in their violence, but sometimes not. Researchers say it's not uncommon for an abusive parent to single out one child as the target of physical violence. This has been called: the “Cinderella Phenomenon.” Another term is “target-child selection.”

Do abusive parents have a favorite child? ›

When parents favor one child over another, abuse does not necessarily follow. Favoritism is normal but abuse is not. Mothers and fathers commonly prefer one child to another for many conscious and unconscious reasons.

Do narcissists brag about their child? ›

They see their child as a source of validation.

Narcissists will often loudly flaunt their children when they score the winning goal or get the big part in the school play. You might see them constantly bragging online or bringing up their child's beauty or talent in conversation.

Who is the victim of bad parenting? ›

Depression and low self esteem can also be caused by bad parenting. A child who is never allowed to make decisions, and who is constantly criticized, belittled and who goes through abuse is likely to have low self esteem. It becomes worse when the child goes through sexual abuse as a child.

What are signs of narcissistic abuse? ›

Common symptoms of narcissistic abuse syndrome include:
  • Feeling angry or confused.
  • Feeling isolated.
  • Flashbacks.
  • Intrusive thoughts.
  • Irritability.
  • Hypervigilance.
  • Insomnia or trouble sleeping.
  • Self-doubt.
Jun 14, 2023

How do you describe a toxic parent? ›

What is a toxic parent? The term “toxic” parent is a bit nebulous and we probably all define it differently. However, it often refers to parents who are abusive, emotionally immature, have narcissistic traits, or struggle with other personality disorders, mental illnesses, or addiction.

What are toxic parent styles? ›

They partake in parenting styles that inflict on-going and repetitive trauma, abuse, humiliation, and ill-will. They don't treat their children with respect as individuals, compromise, take responsibility for their behavior, nor are they likely to apologize.

Who to talk to about toxic parents? ›

If you're not sure whether your parent is behaving in a toxic way, consider speaking with a mental health professional. They may help you get the clarity you need and provide you with tools to help you cope. Remember that you have choices. You can decide how and when to relate to your parents.

Is it OK to leave toxic parents? ›

It's okay to let go of a toxic parent.

It doesn't matter how much you love some people, they are broken to the point that they will only keep damaging you from the inside out.

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