Supply Drop Guide and All Items | Palworld|Game8 (2024)

Supply Drop Guide and All Items | Palworld|Game8 (1)
Supply Drops are randomly spawning chests that can be found in Palworld. Check out what Supply Drops are, what you get from a Supply Drop, and what to get one to spawn.

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  • What are Supply Drops?
  • List of Items From Supply Drops
  • How to Get a Supply Drop
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What are Supply Drops?

Chests That Fall From the Sky

A Supply Drop is essentially a chest that falls from the sky down to the ground. Like every other chest in the game, you can open it up to receive a bunch of items that were stored inside.

Map Icon is the Same as Meteorites

If you're looking at the Compass Bar at the top of the screen, Supply Drops will be marked with the same icon as a Meteorite Event. This is useful since a new Supply Drop or Meteorite Event won't spawn until an old one is cleared.

Red Warning Indicates a Supply Drop has Spawned

You can tell when a Supply Drop has spawned instead of a Meteorite Event when there's a red warning overlay on your screen. This way you'll be able to easily tell which one has spawned.

How to Find Meteorite Event

Scavengers Surround the Supply Drop

Be careful when approaching a Supply Drop since there are multiple enemies surrounding the crates. Thankfully, you don't need to beat all of them to unlock the chest, and you can just rush in and out to grab the items.

List of Items From Supply Drops

Get a Drop From 5 Different Item Types

List of Item Types
Schematics Pendants Pal Spheres
Supply Drop Guide and All Items | Palworld|Game8 (5)Oil Supply Drop Guide and All Items | Palworld|Game8 (6)Elixirs

Whenever you get items from a Supply Drop, you will always receive one of each item type listed above. What you get will be random, but you're ensured to always get one of each at least.

List of New Items and Materials

How to Get a Supply Drop

Conditions Are Currently Unknown

It's currently unknown if you need to do anything for a Supply Drop to spawn. However, it could be similar to Meteorite Events where they're random and there's no criteria that needs to be fulfilled for one to spawn.

Multiple Supply Drops are Possible

Supply Drop Guide and All Items | Palworld|Game8 (7)

Subsequent Supply Drops are possible to occur even if there's a different drop that's already present.

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