The Player (2023)

"You are a convict, tasked with exploring this anomaly, in a makeshift submarine nicknamed The Iron Lung. It was not designed for this depth, so you will be welded inside and the forward window will be closed.

There was no time for training.

If successful, you earn your freedom."

- The text that greets the player upon starting a new game.

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The Player is the main character of Iron Lung, and is a prisoner of the Consolidation of Iron, likely forced into the Conviction Realization program after the attack on Filament Station. They are the single pilot of The Iron Lung, and are tasked with photographing certain points of interest around blood ocean of the moon AT-5.


Due to the Iron Lung's inability to survive such high pressures, the front window is sealed, leaving the player blind. The player must rely solely on pictures captured and coordinates and a map to find their way around the seabed. As the player travels, the oxygen levels of the Iron Lung drops, fires start, and the floor of the ship fills with blood. The player encounters the Monster several times before being ultimately killed by it when, while the player is trying to capture the final photograph, the Monster breaks through the back hull and destroys the Iron Lung.


  • The player's fate is unchangeable, no matter what order you take the photographs in, the Monster will always kill the player right before they take the last photograph.
  • The blood levels in the Iron Lung never rise above knee level.
  • It is strongly suggested that the player was never meant to survive this mission.
  • The player likely was a part of Eden, and was captured after the battle on the Filament Station.


The Player (1)

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One of the player's encounters with the Monster.

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The Player? ›

CANCELLED OR NOT?: Cancelled. NBC's The Player cashed out on Thursday night, wrapping its truncated nine-episode run with an hour that left the House down a man, while adding a new twist to the Ginny mystery.

What happened to the player TV show? ›

CANCELLED OR NOT?: Cancelled. NBC's The Player cashed out on Thursday night, wrapping its truncated nine-episode run with an hour that left the House down a man, while adding a new twist to the Ginny mystery.

What is the point of the player movie? ›

It is about an industry that is run like an exclusive rich boy's school, where all the kids are spoiled and most of them have ended up here because nobody else could stand them. Griffin is capable of humiliating a waiter who brings him the wrong mineral water. He is capable of murder.

Who is the player movie based on? ›

The Player is a 1992 American satirical film directed by Robert Altman from a screenplay by Michael Tolkin based on his own 1988 novel of the same name. It is the story of Hollywoodstudio executive Griffin Mill (Tim Robbins) who murders an aspiring screenwriter he believed was sending him death threats.

Who sent the postcards in the player? ›

Mill has also been receiving death threat postcards, assumed to be from a screenwriter whose pitch he rejected. Mill surmises that the disgruntled writer is David Kahane, and Kahane's girlfriend June Gudmundsdottir tells him that Kahane is at the Rialto Theater in Pasadena, at a screening of Bicycle Thieves.


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