Watch Blue's Clues Season 1 Episode 15: Magenta Comes Over - Full show on Paramount Plus (2023)

Blue has a play date with her best friend Magenta. We play Blue's Clues to determine what Blue wants to do when Magenta comes over.

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Where can I watch all seasons of Blues Clues and you? ›

Currently you are able to watch "Blue's Clues & You" streaming on Noggin Amazon Channel, Paramount Plus, Paramount Plus Apple TV Channel , Paramount+ Amazon Channel, Paramount+ Roku Premium Channel, DIRECTV, Sling TV Orange and Blue, fuboTV or buy it as download on Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, Vudu, Apple TV.

Is Blue from Blue's Clues a girl? ›

The star of Blue's Clues, Blue, is a girl puppy who communicates to Steve and Joe through barks, which they understand. Every episode she initiates a game of Blue's Clues in which she leaves three paw print clues for Steve or Joe and the viewer to find in order to a question.

How can I watch the new Blues Clues? ›

Watch Blue's Clues & You - Stream TV Shows | HBO Max.

Is blue in love with magenta? ›

Blue & Magenta (or Blugenta) is the ultimate ship! Whilst the image doesn't confirm that Blue, who happens to be a girl pup, and Magenta are a couple, it does hint that the pair are part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Is Periwinkle A Boy or a girl? ›

Periwinkle (or simply Peri) is a male kitten from the city who first appears in Blue's Big Mystery. He is also Aly's pet. He becomes a recurring friend of Blue afterward.

Is Blues Clues and you on Paramount plus? ›

Blue's Clues & You Nursery Rhymes - Nickelodeon - Watch on Paramount Plus.

Is the original Blues Clues on Paramount plus? ›

Blue's Clues - Nickelodeon - Watch on Paramount Plus.

Did they take Blue's Clues off Netflix? ›

Here's the full list of Nickelodeon shows leaving Netflix Canada on September 1st: Avatar: The Last Airbender (Seasons 1-3) Bella and the Bulldogs (Seasons 1-2) Blue's Clues & You!

What dog breed is Blue's Clues? ›

Blue's Clues Dog Names in Pop Culture

Don was known to be a feisty coach who encouraged a tenacious and aggressive style of play, and Blue was a Bull Terrier, a feisty and tenacious breed of dog with a strong sense of loyalty.

Is Periwinkle from Blue's Clues a girl? ›

Periwinkle's gender is changed. In the US version, Periwinkle is a boy, however in the English version, his gender is changed to a female.

Has Blues Clues always been a girl? ›

While the show launched in the US in 1996, many who thought Blue was a boy have been shocked to find out they've been wrong for the last 26 years.

Is Blues Clues on Roku? ›

Streaming on Roku. Blue's Clues, an animated series starring Kevin Duala, Kara Tritton, and Traci Paige Johnson is available to stream now. Watch it on Apple TV on your Roku device.

Does Roku have Blues Clues? ›

Blue's Clues & You! Season 1 Episodes Streaming Online | The Roku Channel | Roku.

What platform can I watch Blue's Clues on? ›

  • Hulu.
  • Amazon Prime Video.
  • Netflix.

What season is magenta in Blues Clues? ›

"Magenta Comes Over" is the nineteenth episode of Blue's Clues from the first season.

What was the first episode Magenta was in? ›

She is first shown in the episode "Blue's Story Time" but is not properly introduced until "Magenta Comes Over". She is one of Blue's classmates at school and has visited the Blue's Clues house on special occasions.

What episode does magenta get glasses? ›

S3 E31: It's a big day -- Magenta is getting glasses!

What episode of Blues Clues is cinnamon born? ›

He is featured in many episodes of the original Blue's Clues and the reboot series. He is first mentioned in "What's New, Blue?" and is born in "The Baby's Here!", three episodes later.

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