25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (2024)

Garden crafts are a fantastic way to combine art and nature, providing a unique blend of creativity and greenery that appeals to both children and adults. Our collection of 25 easy DIY garden crafts and art ideas is perfect for people of all ages. From simple projects like making birdcage succulent planters to more complex ones like creating head planters from concrete, our guide has something for everyone. Discover the magic of garden art with projects like crystal-pouring watering cans and adorable air-drying clay garden gnomes. These activities not only beautify your outdoor spaces but also provide a therapeutic creative outlet.

For kids, garden crafts are a fun and educational experience. They can explore projects like the colorful paper carrot garden craft or the charming paper plate garden and bee. These activities introduce children to the wonders of nature while encouraging their artistic abilities. Adults can also enjoy sophisticated projects like upcycling tin can planters or making their own string lanterns to enhance the atmosphere of their gardens. Each garden craft idea comes with detailed instructions, ensuring a smooth crafting experience from start to finish.

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (1)

Garden art not only enhances the visual appeal of your outdoor spaces but also gives you a sense of accomplishment by combining nature and creativity. With projects ranging from DIY bird feeders to vegetable garden stone markers, there’s something for everyone, regardless of their skill level or interests. So why not try your hand at garden crafts? This unique combination of gardening and art offers endless possibilities, each more rewarding and beautiful than the last. Explore our curated list and find your next garden craft project today!

1. DIY Birdcage Succulent Planter

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (2)

Transform an ordinary birdcage into a beautiful hanging succulent planter with just a few simple steps.

Succulents are perfect for this project because they require little water and come in many unique shapes, sizes, and types. All you need is a coconut coir basket liner to fit the birdcage, cactus/succulent soil for planting your chosen succulents, and of course, the plants themselves!

Get creative as you craft this one-of-a-kind piece that will add life & color to any wall or garden space. gardentherapy

2. Handmade Head Planters From Concrete

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (3)

Make your space uniquely decorated with these fun DIY head planters from concrete! For only $30-$35, you can have an interesting piece of decor.

All you need is a styrofoam head, a metal tube, some tape, a plant or two, and a shape to make a concrete mix to make it easy.

It’s the perfect way to add personality to any home or outdoor space – try it out today! lilyardor

3. How to Make a Garden Stones

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (4)

Change your garden into a beautiful oasis with fun and easy DIY garden stones. You can even get the kids involved in making them!

All you need is fast-setting concrete, plastic plant trays, decorative glass, shells, a bucket, and water to make unique one-of-a-kind stones that will add personality to any garden. Spend quality time with your family as you make these special decorations for your backyard escape.

Whether mixing the concrete or finding the perfect shells to adorn each stone, you’ll have hours of creative fun crafting these beautiful masterpieces together. realhousemoms

4. Watering Can That Pours Crystals

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (5)

Unlock the secret of a magical garden with this DIY watering can that pours crystals! Position it over your flowers for a stunning display.

You can make a gorgeous look with an old watering can, crystals from an old chandelier, and thin floral wire. The sun’s light will reflect off the crystals making the whole thing shine brilliantly.

Use micro pliers to secure any bead into place, and you’ll end up with a stream of sparkling crystals pouring out like liquid gold! Get creative and make something truly unique today. craftsbyamanda

5. DIY Outdoor Bird Feeders

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (6)

Invite feathered friends to your home with these special bird feeders! Crafty and fun, these feeders are easy to make with the kids.

All you need is birdseed, water, Knox gelatine, twine or string, cookie cutters/molds/jar lids, and wax paper – then let their imaginations fly! These cute bird feeders will bring joy and excitement as birds flock to snack on them all summer.

Get crafty today and make something special that everyone can enjoy. eighteen25

6. DIY Garden With Beaded Wind Chime

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (7)

Make a unique, one-of-a-kind outdoor ambiance with this beautiful, beaded wind chime! This gorgeous handmade piece uses assorted beads, charms, bells, driftwood, nylon thread, beading needles, and twine.

Instantly add jingle and sparkle to your backyard without any hassle or stress. It’s the perfect way to get creative with your bead supply while making something beautiful at the same time!

Get ready for compliments from your guests this season with this eye-catching wind chime. gardentherapy

7. Upcycled Tin Can Planters for Adults

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (8)

Homemade garden decoration ideascan transform your outdoor space into a beautiful oasis with these simple and affordable DIY projects. Craft beautiful and unique decorative tin can planters with these easy upcycled decoupage plans!

ou can craft something special for your home with empty tin cans, Marimekko paper napkins, mod podge, white spray paint, and acrylic varnish. Perfect for spare time crafting or a fun project with friends.

Transform your cans into beautiful little planters that add a personal touch to any space. Get creative and liven up your living area with this easy yet stunning DIY project! pillarboxblue

8. DIY Garden Charms

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (9)

Let nature’s beauty blossom in your home with DIY garden charms! You only need a wire clothes hanger, Sculpey clay, rubber and letter stamps, craft paint, and pliers.

Add your favorite sayings or images to make unique accessories – perfect as thoughtful gifts for friends and family.

You can add special meaning to even the smallest of gardens with DIY garden charms! hearthandvine

9. Air Drying Clay Garden Gnomes Craft

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (10)

Bring the fun of gardening to your kids with these super-cute air-drying clay garden gnomes crafts! This easy DIY project will keep little hands busy for hours, perfect for all skill levels.

You only need air dry clay, acrylic paints in green, blue, red, white, yellow, and peach, and a thin black marker and pencil. Once your kids have finished makingtheir garden gnomes, use an acrylic sealer to make them last even longer – and remember to add the name of each plant on the reverse side using paint or a permanent marker! rainydaymum

10. DIY Flower Pot People

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (11)

Get creative with these fun and easygarden craftsthat will add a personal touch to your outdoor space. Bring a splash of color and life to your home by crafting flower pot people! Get creative by combining terra cotta pots in different sizes to make a truly one-of-a-kind character.

The project is easy to complete with clay pots, patio paint, and glue! Show off your creativity by making as many characters as possible. Make your home more exciting with these handmade flower pot people today! thecountrychiccottage

11. Make Your Own String Lanterns

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (12)

Welcome to summer! Spruce up your backyard and patio with these easy-to-make jute string lanterns.

With just a mason jar (or any other glass jar) and some jute string, you can repurpose materials from around the house into beautiful decorations for your outdoor space.

These lanterns are the perfect way to add charm to your outdoor décor – get creative and make it your own! lovecreatecelebrate

12. Easy DIY Letter Tile Garden Markers

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (13)

Label your garden with these creative and fun letter tile garden markers! With some Scrabble tiles, paint stirs, red decorator spray paint, and e6000® craft adhesive, you will have personalized garden markers in no time.

This easy craft is perfect for any gardening enthusiast looking to identify what they have growing in their garden.

Let your creativity run wild as you make unique designs that can be treasured for years. Get started on your DIY letter tile garden markers today! thefarmgirlgabs

13. How to Make Mosaic Flower Pots in the Garden

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (14)

Uncover the beauty of your garden with a one-of-a-kind mosaic flower pot!

Learn how to make these beautiful and creative art pieces using old china plates, knick-knacks, terra cotta pots, spray paint, sanded grout, white glue, and mosaic grout sealer.

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to make lovely little succulent planters with three roses. Get ready to show off your artistic side – it’s time for creative crafting fun! kenarry

14. How Do You Make a Hummingbird Perch

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (15)

Attract hummingbirds to your backyard with this easy DIY hummingbird perch. All you need is a small dowel piece, some floral wire, copper pipe, and some old faux flowers – then add a red prism or faux gem for a splash of color.

Hang the perch outside in your garden and watch as these beautiful birds make it their home. You can make the perfect spot for hummingbirds to rest and refuel with minimal effort! thenavagepatch

15. Fun Golf Ball Garden Ladybugs Decor

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (16)

language error artdrops tatjana

16. How to Do Garden Mushrooms for Backyard

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (17)

Unleash your inner artist and add some pizzazz to your garden! These garden mushrooms are quick and easy to spruce up any yard or front porch. Crafting these mushrooms is so simple that the kids will love it too!

All you need is round terra cotta pots in various sizes, round terra cotta drain plates, spray paint – white for the stems and a choice of colors for the mushroom tops, white acrylic craft paint, and waterproof clear paint-on or spray sealer.

Get creative and add a unique touch to your garden today! birdsandblooms

17. Garden Planter and Birds Bath Project

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (18)

Unleash your inner artist with thesegarden crafts for adultsthat are perfect for adding a unique touch to your garden. This fun DIY project combines a one-of-a-kind garden planter and bird bath. You’ll need a tall terracotta pot, a piece of rebar, tall pots, spray paint primer, spray paints in your color choice, discarded globe, a little ceramic bird, and dap household/aquatic adhesive to make it happen.

Follow the step-by-step instructions for assembling your unique piece that will showcase your creativity in the garden while providing food (if you opt for making a feeder) or water sources to your feathered friends!

Choose colors that coordinate with your outdoor palette, or use bright and cheery shades to add life to any space! homestoriesatoz

18. Vegetable Garden Stone Markers Art

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (19)

Make your vegetable garden stand out with these unique DIY vegetable garden stone markers!

Transform smooth and round stones into cheerful-looking vegetables in an hour or less, using only a few supplies – acrylic paints, sharpie black marker, spray shellac, and newspaper.

Painting the stones is peaceful but also gives purpose to the project. Enjoy every step of makingthese eye-catching markers for your garden! paintedpomegranate

19. Bottle Cap Flowers Idea for Earth Day Craft

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (20)

Create your own outdoor oasis with these easy and affordableDIY outdoor craftsthat are perfect for any skill level. Unlock your crafty potential and let your imagination blossom with this fun, budget-friendly bottle cap flower gardening project! Reuse your old bottle caps and make something to beautify your garden.

You only need metal bottle caps, wooden skewers, paints, newspaper, a mod podge, and a hot glue gun. With these simple materials, follow the easy instructions to turn ordinary soda or beer bottle caps into colorful flowers for your outdoor space.

This a great way to show environmental awareness while makingan interesting accent piece for the yard! Get creative and have fun – make unique flowers that will brighten any garden all year! suburbia unwrapped

20. Making a Flower Garden

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (21)

Looking for a fun and creative craft project that will keep your kids entertained? Look no further than this flower garden craft!

You can quickly make a gorgeous garden with an empty egg carton, a flower garden template, green paint, green cardstock or construction paper, jumbo craft sticks, cupcake liners, buttons, and an extra-strength glue stick.

Kids of all ages will have fun designing their colorful flowers and planting them in the garden. Get crafting today with this easy and creative spring activity! iheartcraftythings

21. Garden Markers Spoons Craft

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (22)

From planters to birdhouses, thesegardening craftsare perfect for sprucing up your outdoor space and adding a personal touch. Let your garden bloom with delightfully unique touches courtesy of DIY garden marker spoons.

Save money by upcycling metal spoons to make this crafty, frugal project. You’ll need a hammer, an old towel, indoor/outdoor craft paint, newspaper, tips, a black paint marker, and an outdoor Modpodge to make these unique plant markers for your garden.

Follow this step-by-step tutorial and find it easy to customize your garden markers! turningclockback

22. Making Your Own Miniature Garden

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (23)

Bring the beauty of spring into your home with a miniature garden craft! Make a stunning oasis using an ice cube tray, popsicle sticks, twigs, craft paper, green crepe paper, and transparent plastic.

With this creative project, you can easily make your little garden to admire throughout the season. All you need are these simple materials and imagination to make something beautiful for your home.

Tape them together and watch as it all comes together – get ready to be amazed! artistshelpingchildren

23. Paper Carrot Garden Craft

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (24)

Make a veggie garden with your kids anytime you want! Kids can make their own paper beds and plant carrots and radishes without soil or water with the paper garden craft.

All you need is light blue cardboard, papers in colors of brown, white, yellow, red, orange, green, and light brown, as well as a pencil and black marker.

It will be an enjoyable crafting activity for children; they may start loving vegetables even more! easypeasyandfun

24. Flower Garden Kids Craft

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (25)

Welcome spring into your home with a one-of-a-kind DIY flower garden kid’s craft! You can make colorful and unique blooms that brighten any room with just a few simple supplies.

Kids will love getting creative by using crayons, wood markers, buttons, and tiny pom-poms to decorate the color of their spring flowers. Display in a sunny window with the DIY wood flower box centerpiece – adorned with craft paint and pom-pom trim for an extra special touch!

Get ready to bring some spring cheer indoors. orientaltrading

25. Homemade Paper Plate Garden and Bee

25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (26)

Add some personality to your garden with these unique and creativegarden art ideasthat are sure to impress. This spring, bring a bit of nature into your home with this fun and creative craft activity for kids – paper plate garden and bee. Let the kids’ imaginations bloom by making their miniature garden to decorate the house!

All you need is paper plates, popsicle sticks, brown paint, a flower printable, a glue stick or hot glue, a black color pen, green paper, and yellow cardstock. They can enjoy moving the bee from one flower to another as they practice their motor skills.

With this easy-to-make paper plate garden & bee craft, your little ones will surely have a blast while learning about nature too! craftsbyria


Gardening is a fun and rewarding hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. With these 25 easy DIY garden crafts and art ideas, kids and adults alike can get creative and add a personal touch to their gardens. From beautiful garden markers to colorful flower pots, there’s something for everyone in this collection of garden crafts. So why not gather your materials and get started on a fun and creative project today?


25 Easy DIY Garden Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids & Adults (2024)
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