8 Easy Garden Crafts For All Ages (2024)

If you’re looking for some fun and easy garden crafts that you can do with your family, here you’ll find several ideas to get you started.

8 Easy Garden Crafts For All Ages (1)

8 Easy Garden Crafts For All Ages (2)Garden Crafts: Terrariums Saucer Gardens, Gardens in Water, Herb Jars, Gifts Bamboo (Can Do Crafts)8 Easy Garden Crafts For All Ages (3) Want to add a touch of color to brighten things up a bit in your garden? How about giving your garden a little pizzazz to make it more attractive? It’s easier to do than you might think. All you need are a few good craft ideas to make your garden stand out from all the rest.

If you have young kids, choose simple craft projects for your garden that even little ones find it easy and engaging.

Craft projects are a lot of fun for the whole family and it’s an interesting way to let your own unique personality shine through. It gives you an opportunity to work together as a family to create the perfect addition to your garden. You can even work on different projects individually and then put them all together in your garden to create an interesting theme.

So, gather the kids and choose a few great craft ideas from the list below to help you get started. They’re easy and fun to make and once the project is complete, you get to decorate your garden with something that you made yourself (or, gift it to a gardener). It truly is a great feeling!

Are you ready to get started?

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Easy Garden Crafts For The Whole Family

1. Rock painting is perfect for families with kids

8 Easy Garden Crafts For All Ages (4)

Painting rocks is not only easy and fun, but you can do it with people of all ages.

Did you dig your garden and fond some rocks? Save them for a rainy day and pain them. No rocks in your garden? No problem (actually that’s a very good thing for any gardener): you can pick rocks from a walk in the park, from a walk by a river, etc.

You can use painted rocks to mark your veggie rows, but you can also just place them in your flower beds for added interest.

All you need are a few tubes of brightly colored acrylic paint, and maybe a few permanent markers. And remember to seal your creation to make it last longer (I heard that cement water sealer works well, or you can use outdoor mod-podge) . Have fun!

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2. Garden wind chimes

A great garden craft for kids, these garden wind chimes will look great in your garden and they are fun to listen to. There are instructions on how to make this great craft project at home. It’s simple enough that even the kids can join in.

You can get creative and mix up your colors and designs, but the basic processes will be the same each time. Consider making them as gifts for the gardeners in your life as well as for yourself.

3. DIY hanging herb dryer

Make your own hanging herb dryer, and enjoy herbs from your garden all year long. If you grow your own herbs at home to use in the kitchen, this is going to be so very helpful.

These DIY herb dryers will prevent you from losing parts of the herbs like you might when using a dehydrator. You can change up the design on yours and make it personal to you, or design it to match the decor of your kitchen or garden.

4. Make some yard art

These garden mosaic blocks can really brighten up your garden. They also make great gifts. It’s DIY yard art and you can place them in your garden, in front of your garden, or elsewhere around the lawn. You can choose your own colors and patterns, and you can even make them in different sizes.

The instructions will tell you exactly how to do it, but once you get it down, you can mix them up to have one-of-a-kind creative blocks in your own garden.

5. Easy DIY garden markers made from clay

When you need to remember what you’ve planted, or you want to mark certain vegetables or herbs in your garden, these DIY clay garden markers will do the trick. They are so easy to make, you’ll wonder why you’ve never done it before. Follow the link above to see how cute they are, and to learn how to make them for yourself.

6. Make your own troll fairy garden

How awesome would it be to have your own troll fairy garden? This fun little craft is easy to do and the instructions will tell you just how to do it right.

It’s fun, it’s colorful, and it’s a great project to get the kids in on as well. How will you design your troll fairy garden? When it’s all done, you can place it on your real garden.

7. Butterfly feeder house

This butterfly feeder house is a perfect addition to your garden or lawn. You will attract so many beautiful butterflies, and it just looks great. The feeder will attract the butterflies and then the house protects them from bad weather and gives them a safe place to stay and live for longer.

8. Cute garden flag

Here’s a fun and simple craft you can make for the garden. This tutorial is for a Mother’s Day garden flag, but you can follow the same instructions and do a different theme flag as well.

You can build yourself any kind of flag you want: your favorite football team, something seasonal to support the nearest holiday, or something in your favorite colors.

I hope these easy garden crafts inspire you to create something special for your own garden. If you do, please share your projects through the contact page or on Facebook, and your project might be added to our page.

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8 Easy Garden Crafts For All Ages (2024)
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